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leslie doing yoga

What Education Needs is More Thought, Less Stress

The educational system is really in some bad places and for all the talk I hear from politicians, I haven’t heard many things that make me feel like we are getting on a better path. I really think all of us have a role in improving education — some of us directly impact the education […]

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letters from Ferguson slider

Letters from Ferguson, History and Wanting to Soar

I have been meaning to write this post for more than a month now but I kept leaving something behind as I traveled. One of the great things about being home for a while is I am reminding myself of all those things I’ve been meaning to do and while I don’t have time to […]

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getting the perfect photo - Copy

City Girls Checking Out a Soybean Field

Our goal for the “city girls on the farm” day was definitely to enjoy cotton harvest but on the way we saw something shiny 聽and got distracted! The something shiny? Maybe you have already seen the photo and have already guessed. 馃檪 Spotting a Tractor These girls heads were turned by a John Deere! We […]

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Ice Buckets, Kindness, Ferguson & Education

With the title of this post, you may be wondering how those three things could possibly fit together. Well let’s go one by one. The Ice Bucket Challenge Seems everyone on the planet has been ice bucket challenged — I did it at work when a group on the marketing team at Organic Valley challenge […]

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Phillips University Art Building

Thankful for Art and for Looking at the World with an Artistic Eye

Do you remember when it seemed like everyone enjoyed art? You know, back before grades and competition got involved? When we could use paste and construction paper with a pair of scissors and crayons and come up with something that no matter how it looked, our parents would say how great it was? LOVED those […]

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the great teacher inspires - Copy

30 Days of Thanks Salute to Great Teachers Sharing Time, Expertise & Passion

I have talked a little about some of the thoughts I have about teachers as I talk about the cool stuff my sister does with the elementary school she works at. She does projects with earthworms to teach students about natural soil processes (and gives me worm dirt for Christmas) and goes all out to […]

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Thankful for the Potential Our Youth Offer!

Yesterday, I hopped on a plane to come to Louisville, KY. It’s a trip I haven’t made often, but I was excited about it because I was going to get to see a very different part of the world for a bit. Louisville is hosting the National FFA Convention (a lot of people remember FFA’s […]

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Ryan Goodman & his paperdoll versions ie Flat Ryans

A Fun & Informational Guest Post Series on Agriculture Proud :)

Sometimes, there is a flash and you see things a little differently. That’s what sort of happened a few weeks ago.聽I had airline tickets to North Carolina & was making plans to see my nephew Jake of Flat Stanley fame here on the blog. I was also going to be leading some sessions on blogging […]

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