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The 12 Days of Cotton — My Christmas Homage to My Favorite Natural Fiber

Over the last two weeks, I have seen some really neat 12 days of Christmas posts. And along the way, I got inspired to put together the “12 Days of Cotton.” Seemed like a fun thing to do. I wrote it down last week and am just getting it to the blog. I hope you […]

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close up of cotton boll

Cotton Plant 101: What do a cotton plant, blooms & bolls look like? VIDEO

Last weekend as I drove through the Missouri Bootheel, I saw cotton fields at various stages of development. In fact, I found one field that had a lot of bolls on it and was still blooming too, so it gave me a chance to show a lot of the different stages of growth for cotton. […]

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One bale of cotton will make ___ pairs of Lee Jeans

How many pairs of jeans in a bale of cotton?, Lee Jeans Asks

I have “liked” lot of brand pages on Facebook and have to admit, some of them eventually get unliked or hidden cause they just don’t seem to get the kinds of things I’d be interested to see from a brand. But some friends saw the Lee Jeans page this week and knew they had to […]

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farm pages & channels

What farms tweet to reach? What Facebook page makes you look?

You may have already seen the post asking people to provide their opinions on the best farm blogs — well, this is for some of the other channels. If you are more into Facebook, YouTube, etc. you can make sure the sources of great farm information get shout-outs by submitting them here. There are a […]

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social media hero

Ryan Goodman, Ranchhand & Social Media Hero

Over the past few months, I’ve done several posts about some of my social media heroes. I have a lot more to go. But recently I sat down to write a post for the AgChat Foundation’s website and realized I was writing a lot of the things I should put together explaining why Ryan Goodman, […]

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Wanted: Job that Pays Well for Napping / Cocooning in Comfort

It been a couple of years since a college kid seemed to stumble into my social media world. Okay, other college kids stumble in, but this one — Kelly Rivard took up residency! I got to know Kelly through Twitter (@kmrivard) and before long she was appearing all around me! Facebook, Skype, the now nearly […]

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Deltapine Cottonseed

Planting Cotton in California

As you may have seen, I am asking various people who love cotton to guest post for the blog. Today’s photos were meant to be a wordless Wednesday post  but I turned a bit more wordy. Ooops! The photos were sent by farmer Travis Fugitt (@TFugitt on Twitter) who knows this is my first planting […]

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Cotton is the Fabric of Our Lives guest series

What is it that you love about cotton? Please join a series of cottony goodness!

Recently, when I wrote a blog post about the fact farmers are the ones paying for the ads that support the fabric of our lives campaign, a cotton farmer from the Texas High Plains left a comment on my Facebook page. I’ve been thinking about it since. He said: “Few people have any idea how […]

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