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Ray-Lin Dairy

Things You Should Know About Ranching in Montana & Ray-Lin Dairy (Farm A to Z)

The letter R brings us to two dear friends who have really helped me learn a lot about agriculture in the past few years. Such an honor to have them on the blog for this farm a to z. Ryan Goodman / Ranching in Montana The words “ranching in Montana” have a mystique to them […]

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Quiet Owl Farm

Getting to Know Quiet Owl Farm (Farm A to Z)

Several months ago, Rosie from Quiet Owl Farm stopped by my blog and asked if I’d mind adding her to the list of farm blogs I have here. It took me a bit to get around to updating it, but since there, I have enjoyed checking out her story of building toward a farm in Hillsboro, […]

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Mark & Jenny Rohrich Prairie Californian

Prairie Californian Loves Sunflowers & Wheat (Farm A to Z)

I still remember when Mark & Jenny Rohrich were living in vastly different parts of the US and now they are married and building a home. Jenny blogs her viewpoint at Prairie Californian and they have a family operation called Rohrich Farms in Ashley & Zeeland, North Dakota. They grow wheat, corn, soybeans, and sunflowers — you […]

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Texas farmers Royce & Kaitlyn O'Neal

Oh, Oh, Oh…. Farms that Start with the Letter O (Farm A to Z)

The farmers featured today… I interact with all of them frequently online. They are involved in their communities and busy with family. They have such a clear passion for raising the food that ends up in restaurants and grocery stores. And they all have last names that start with the letter “O” for my farm […]

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Amy Robinette NC Meat Mom

NC Meat Mom Delivers Grass-Fed Beef

Amy H. Robinette is the owner of Micro Summit Processors and co-owner of Harris-Robinette Beef, and is known online as NC Meat Mom. Her family farm and meat processing company are east of Raleigh in Micro, NC. I was recently in her neighborhood without realizing how close I was and I’m still bummed we didn’t have a […]

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some of the Patsche family

Mmmmmm Good Farm Blogs in Michigan & Minnesota

The letter of the day is M and that gives us two great farm blogs — Messy Kennedy and Minnesota Farm Living. What makes a great farm blog? Farmers who are not only raising food & fiber for people in their communities, but they take the time to share it online! Messy Kennedy Messy Kennedy is […]

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Lodestar Olive Oil

Love the Family Connections Shown in these L Farms (Farm A to Z)

Love the family connections that we see through the farms highlighted with the Lodestar Farms Several years ago as I did my Oregon-California roadtrip, I had the chance to spend Thanksgiving day learning a bit about growing olives. I have previously shared some of the things I learned in my A to Z in agriculture […]

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Daniel & Suzie Wilde at harvest - Copy

Growing Cotton in Texas & Producing Beef in Montana (Farm A to Z)

This is one of those posts that helps me think about the incredible range of farmers — Suzie Wilde met her farmer in the Chihuahan Desert and hasn’t looked back and Justine Kougl and her husband have been ranching in South Dakota but the recently decided to expand into Montana! Having been to both of those […]

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