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Helms Farms

Challenging Myself Again! Farms, Farmers & Farm Blogs From A to Z

The A to Z challenge is something I have enjoyed participating in previously. The challenge gets you to write a post for each letter of the alphabet in the month of April with just Sundays to rest. It is a challenge I have tried and though I have completed the alphabet on two different occasions, […]

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Farmers Helped Me With My Christmas Shopping :)

Well, the headline may mislead you but I’m okay with that. 馃檪聽 The Christmas shopping help didn’t come in the form of carrying bags, picking out items, etc but as I started wrapping the gifts that were going to go under trees, I realized several of them started with a seed planted on a farm. […]

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me & dad

Happy Father鈥檚 Day to Great Daddy Bloggers

Several weeks ago I saw an article on the Cision blog that I had to flag for later. In the past few weeks, it has come across my mind many times. As we get closer to Father’s Day, I decided to take a few minutes and write a blog post about some of the thoughts […]

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custom bacon by Johns Custom Meats

If You Love Bacon, Have I Got Ideas for You! Blogging & Shopping!

Recently I’ve noticed that bacon seems to be the meat generating a lot of buzz. Think about it, how many things can you think of that are better with a little bit of bacon? Scallops, shrimp, filets, burgers, eggs… I’ve even had bacon wrapped water chestnuts! Now, what makes bacon better? My only thoughts are […]

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Charity Starts at Home with the Farm & Local Community Organizations

Two Saturdays in a row I’ve made the drive out to a town some of us affectionately known as Hooterville to see my farming friends Marjory & Bob. It wasn’t to see where the crop was — we’re so early in the early that most of the work is field prep and fertility. But it’s […]

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Farm Bureau Blog AFBF11

Posting A Lot of Info to the Farm Bureau Blog

I 聽was thinking…. I’ve been doing a WHOLE LOTTA BLOGGING and some of you may have missed it! So, here are links to the blog posts I’ve written the last several days as a guest blogger during the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting. 聽There have been lots of new experiences since so I’m sure […]

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AgChat Foundation (#ACFC10) Training Photos Part 3

What an incredible experience with incredible people! I am sure that I will be energized for a while after the AgChat Foundation’s first training conference, tweeted as #ACFC10. Silly that I got referred to as a presenter because I was a learner in a big way! Granted I had a few tips that maybe others […]

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AgChat Foundation (#ACFC10) Photos Continued

Going to let the pictures tell the story. Forgot my camera part of the day and still got crazy numbers of pictures! Life is good! And I am tired but happy! 聽If you missed the pre-show photos, you can catch them here. 聽Help me with some of the names cause I have TOTALLY OVERLOADED MY […]

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