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Nameless Wednesday aka Name that Chicken!

Two weeks ago, when I dropped by the Nashville Farmers Market and bought a big old metal chicken, I had no idea that I was joining a cultural phenomenon. See I hadn’t read the Bloggess’ series of posts on her metal chicken. But as soon as I had shared a photo of my new quirky […]

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Getting Ready to Start #ACFC11

If you haven’t heard of ACFC11 (the AgChat Foundation’s annual conference to train more farmers to use social media effectively), get ready to hear a lot about it! I’ll try to do a post each day to share photos or some key things from the conference. There are more than 100 people who love both […]

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My Visit to Italy’s Must-See Event, the Palio di Siena

There are a few things pointing me to write about a trip I took two years ago. The weekly Travel Talk on Twitter (#TTOT and a Facebook page on it) today is about World Heritage sites  Timing — it is August 16. And every year I remember where I was on August 16th…. well in […]

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farmer gives equipment overview

Getting a Good Farm Photo Shoot (Tips for Farmers & Photographers)

Since I got on Google+ I have connected to more photographers…. I’m in awe of the work some of them do. I love travel photos, portraits, landscapes, etc…. and really love getting inspired by photographers. One who has struck me by images of rural landscapes is Canadian Sandra Parlow (Google+, photo site). She shoots dramatic skies, historic barns […]

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Riding an Old School Mechanical Horse — Wordful Wednesday

My great nephew Jake rarely gets to the place where he’s at a loss for words. While visiting for a final summer vacation, we had a chance to spend an afternoon at Uncle Chuck’s. That meant two awesome things for Jake, awesomeness that can’t be confined to one post! Check out our boy when he […]

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A Working Cotton Dictionary (2)

A Working Cotton Dictionary (Words Cotton Folks Use that May Confuse Others)

aka Vocabulary the Way I’ve Heard Cotton Farmers & Other Experts Use It & How It Can Be Misunderstood If the title and subhead don’t point out this is not an academic endeavor, then let me say it outright. THIS IS NO ACADEMIC DICTIONARY ON COTTON. This is just a simple compilation of words that […]

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Dick & Tish flank friends from Congo days

Global & Local Viewpoints on the World & Civil Rights

I had a chance to catch up with my friend Kelly’s parents recently. Kelly & I became fast friends in college and made more than a few trips to visit her family while we were in school. This small school Phillips University (Enid, OK) helped me meet people from all over…. and although Kelly’s parents […]

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Why do they call the Dead Sea the “dead” sea? What makes it unique?

The Jordan River goes down from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. It seems to take all the salts in the earth along with it and has for so long according to our guide. And since the Dead Sea has no tributaries leading out of the body of water, the deposits all end […]

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