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DP 555 BGRR sign back in the day

Why Would a Farmer Put a Sign on a Cotton, Corn or Soybean Field?

   Have you seen signs like this as you’ve driven around the backroads or interstates and wondered why a farmer would post a sign like this on his cotton, corn or soybean farm? I probably did at one time, but I’ve been in agriculture so long, that I just think of it as standard operating […]

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mid-season cotton on the farm

Cotton 101: What does a cotton plant or field look like?

Although most people think of cotton in it’s final mature state, it’s important to remember that cotton has to grow from seed throughout the season to get to that point. And it’s amazing how often I’ve had folks ask me about something they’ve seen in a field as they were driving by, like this recent […]

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cotton boll

Starting a Cotton 101 Series on the Blog

Beginning of the series on cotton to talk about the parts of the plant, how it’s used, etc. Some of the things that make it so freakin awesome.

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field of sunflowers with windmill

Sunflowers Always Make Me Smile

Sunflowers have an incredible lift to the spirit, especially when you take a whole field of them in at once with the most incredible late-day light with windmills in the background. Lots of photos!

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Peanut digging & thinking (with a bit of singing)

One of my tweeps — Gene Roney –posted this video today (I have no idea why the embed code didn’t work but I have decided to link & hope you come back)… it prompted me to reminisce about my days in Tifton and further south talking with farmers about all the things they do to protect […]

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