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#Foodthanks Is a Regular Topic of Gratitude for Me

For the past several years, there has been an effort in place to encourage people to give thanks for their food through social media. I’m glad to say I’ve been participating in it annually before I decided to do a broader month of  November thankfulness. And I tend to be really thankful for food on a […]

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cheese tasting

What’s your favorite cheese? & Some of My Cheese-Related Travel

My Recent Cheesy Travel Did you know it I haven’t gotten as many of the new food polls up as I had hoped, but I have lots of ideas so I will be continuing it just may not be quite weekly. Since June is National Dairy Month, I thought I’d go with the theme and poll […]

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bar at Vino Nadoz

Great Lunch Meetup at Nadoz & Vino Nadoz

The St. Louis Bloggers Group (#STLBloggers) had a Sunday meetup this week and the great foks at Nadoz Cafe and Vino Nadoz Wine Bar hosted us in great style! (Note the pronunciation is like the final syllables of Coronado’s since their other restaurant is in Hotel Coronado.) Thanks to Lindsay Williams Itzkowitz from Itz Linz for getting the […]

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Eating Lunch with a Dairy Farmer? Cheese is a Must! #FoodThanks

I wanted to share some photos from my visit with Ray Prock of Ray-Lin Dairy this fall. I still need to post some of the things I learned but the cheese keeps coming to mind — afterall, we went to a restaurant on the site where Ray & other dairy farmers deliver their milk. AND […]

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An Easy Way to Eat Healthier — Fruit My Cube

This one will be a quick post, but I have been trying to make sure I encourage healthier choices rather than the easy choices. One of the things for me is snack foods. I love them. And there are so darn many unhealthy options available that its really easy to choose those instead of something […]

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