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chef's table at Pastaria

Lessons Learned at the Chef’s Table — Pastaria and Hog & Hominy

Have you ever sat at the chef’s table at a restaurant? You know, either a table in or bar that allows you access to the kitchen. Every time I go to Pastaria with a friend or two, I hope I’ll be seated there (bigger groups are really more convenient to visit at a regular table). […]

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I love pecans!

Pecans are Definitely my Favorite Nuts, Can’t Get Enough!

When you drive around the South, you get used to seeing homes surrounded by a few pecan trees. It isn’t that every house has pecan trees or anything, but you see it often enough that it is pretty normal, especially when you get into more rural areas where people are living on the farm. My […]

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Hershey's kisses

I Love Chocolate! Incredibly Thankful for It too! Gourmet to Mainstream!

Last week I went to a meeting in Pennsylvania for work (I got to meet the farmer members & leaders of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau). And we were in the Sweetest Place on Earth. With a place like that — Hershey, PA — the love of chocolate has been on my mind this week. And […]

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farm fresh vegetables grown locally

#Foodthanks Is a Regular Topic of Gratitude for Me

For the past several years, there has been an effort in place to encourage people to give thanks for their food through social media. I’m glad to say I’ve been participating in it annually before I decided to do a broader month of  November thankfulness. And I tend to be really thankful for food on a […]

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cheese tasting

What’s your favorite cheese? & Some of My Cheese-Related Travel

My Recent Cheesy Travel Did you know it I haven’t gotten as many of the new food polls up as I had hoped, but I have lots of ideas so I will be continuing it just may not be quite weekly. Since June is National Dairy Month, I thought I’d go with the theme and poll […]

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Granny Smith Apple by Mr. Noded from Flickr

Reviving My Series of Food Polls With Apples! Which is your favorite?

A few years ago (2010 to be  exact) the great butter and lard debate launched a fun series of food polls for my blog over the summer. Each weekend I would do a food poll. The poll could be on almost any kind of food — we talked ice cream, favorite Chicago foods, celebrating by […]

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fresh greens for sale at the farmer's market

K is for Kale — Kale is a Winter Crop & a Power Food

Early on I thought of two words that I may want to write about in my K post. They were VERY DIFFERENT words. One was of course kale (bet you could guess that since I’m writing about that) and the other was just K — that’s the abbreviation for potassium and potash is really important […]

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growing grapes for raisins

Every Picture Tells a Story — Raisin Farms in the San Joaquin Valley

I love that people are willing to help me figure out which stories to share first from the adventures I had in Oregon and California! The first person to reply to my request for opinions was a fellow blogger here in St. Louis! I haven’t met her yet, but Yokasta Schneider of Get U Moving Fitness is a […]

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