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airline pretzels & a water bottle

Mindfulness in Food May Be What We Need

I can remember friends saying they were carb-loading for a big race. They wanted that energy that can sustain you for a long run or whatever. Pasta, cereal, etc were the way to go. Compare that to the foods we were generally eating at the time. Breakfast was cereal at times, eggs and bacon others, […]

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In the St Louis Cardinals offices

St. Louis Area Bloggers Learn How @MOFarmersCare #STL

I love baseball. Its always been a sport I enjoyed. Spending an afternoon or evening at the ballpark is perfect. What makes it a tiny bit better? Meeting a bunch of bloggers and farmers at a ballpark! That’s exactly what happened last month when I got to go to a bloggers event sponsored by Missouri […]

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Learning About Food in Charleston Thanks to Two Bloggers

If Charleston hasn’t officially been named one of America’s top food cities, it is just because the people of Charleston didn’t want any more people charging into their city and filling up the reservation logs at so many incredible restaurants. But what strikes me in such a major way is that great food isn’t for […]

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rosemary olive bread from a local bakery

Opening Day in St. Louis for Baseball & Farmers Market

One clear sign of spring is the start of baseball’s spring training, but opening day is a critical milestone! This year two big opening days came at the same time — Major League Baseball and one of the seasonal farmers markets in my part of the world. And what’s really cool, is I was able […]

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Annie & Jerry getting a photo taken

VIDEO: How To Make Maple Syrup & Other Breakfast Ideas

Most of us laugh a bit when Will Ferrell’s character in “Elf” proclaims maple syrup as one of the four food groups. But then again, most people think syrup is a required part of breakfast involving pancakes, waffles or French toast. And even though I knew the difference between some of the syrup used and […]

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Cottonseed from the gin

Cotton 101: Can you eat cotton or cottonseed?

My friend and one of great patience, John Blue asked me the question “can people eat cottonseed?” some time ago. I’ve meant to write the blog post a number of times. But I kept dragging my feet. I think now maybe it was because there since there isn’t a simple yes or no answer. Its […]

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Call Them Chickpeas or Garbanzos, Hummus Starts on The Farm

I love Mediterranean and Indian foods and have eaten lord knows how many chickpeas or garbanzo beans in my adulthood! So when I came across a farmer on Twitter — Gayle Anderson, also known as @IdahoGayle — who grows the precious bean, I had lots of tweets of thanks. Whether it was hummus, falafels, or an Indian […]

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#FoodThanks From a Busy Mom Who Has Lost it This Year :)

I have another great blog post…. this one is from my oldest niece Georgia. My friends from college are still stunned to find Georgia has kids of her own but what’s stunning is how great a mom she is! She enjoys her kids Nikki & Jake in a way that makes everyone around her smile and […]

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