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In Search of the Perfect Tomato

Growing tomatoes is something that just seems to make a person more Southern. I’ve grown them at various times in my life and my grandmom usually had tomato plants. And I can’t help but think of a scene in Steel Magnolias where Ouiser is dumping tomatoes on people and says she has to grow them […]

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First Home-Grown Tomato of the Year!

First Home-Grown Tomato of the Year!

Last night, I skipped part of the Tuesday night agricultural social media ritual known as #agchat. It’s cause Tuesdays in June & July are community pool night at my sister’s house! It’s something not to be missed, at least not too often. My sister loves her backyard — the pool, the garden, the grill and […]

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Ever Get Worm Dirt for Christmas?

Have you ever gotten worm dirt as a gift?  Some of you may wonder what the hell that question is about…  I have to wonder if anyone (other than members of my family) answers yes!  Yes, my sister gave me a bag of worm dirt for Christmas. She did it & now I’ve said it. […]

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Tiny Yard, Big on Gardening!

My little sister lives a zip code or two away. She teaches elementary school and last year she decided to plant a garden. She studied up, decided what she needed to do to make a small strip of soil work for her. When she told me she was putting in a vegetable garden, I wondered […]

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