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Adobe Walls Cotton Gin module moving truck

Taking a Module to the Adobe Walls Gin — Friend’s Photo by Anna-Lisa Giannini

In my Cotton 101 series, I wrote a blog post about getting modules from the field to the gin. I love seeing them so I was thrilled when Anna-Lisa Giannini told me trucks were still on the move in her part of the Texas Panhandle. There are a few things that a cotton geek like […]

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cotton gin trash

Cotton 101: Who Takes Out the Gin Trash?

Okay. Gin Trash. The two words together… gin trash… the number of jokes that you can come up with based on those two simple words… Its unbelievable! BUT this is a Cotton 101 series so I better get back on track. But let me start by saying the fact that we call it “gin trash” […]

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modern cotton gin

Cotton 101: How a Cotton Gin Works

Cotton gins. They haven’t changed the basic function since they were invented but I do know they have changed dramatically in size & speed. At the end of the day, all of them involve separating the seed from the lint. The vast majority of gin use a system of saws pulling lint away from seed […]

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