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Val and Audrey on the farm

How Many Farmers Named Val Do You Know? (Farms A to Z)

When one of my farmer friends named Val asked me whether I wanted her to be listed by her blog or whether I wanted the Vals to be listed together, I knew what I had to do. Yep, I needed the letter V to be about two farmers named Val! These two women raise kids, drive […]

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Texas farmers Royce & Kaitlyn O'Neal

Oh, Oh, Oh…. Farms that Start with the Letter O (Farm A to Z)

The farmers featured today… I interact with all of them frequently online. They are involved in their communities and busy with family. They have such a clear passion for raising the food that ends up in restaurants and grocery stores. And they all have last names that start with the letter “O” for my farm […]

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Jillian & Jared when they got engaged

Growing Cotton, Peanuts & More at Etress Farms in Cottonwood (Farm A to Z)

I went back and forth on whether I would write this post or get friends to…. Jared and Jillian Etress are young farmers who I met while they were in college dating. I remember when Jared planted his first cotton crop and I am still amazed he would trust me to help him gather information! […]

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Norman Borlaug photo

B is for Borlaug — an A to Z Series about Agriculture

Wow. I’m already having a really tough time picking out which word to go with even though I limited myself to agricultural words. The leading candidates for today were: Bales! I have to love that Eileen Crosby went for the sentimental favorite highlighting my love of cotton & the way it is packaged for transportation […]

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sculpted in butter for the Iowa State Fair

The Butter Cow – A Midwest State Fair Tradition & a Hollywood Movie?

Last month, I wrote a post about my pending visit to the Iowa State Fair and this weekend I shared some of the sights and sounds of the fair, but the butter cow…. That is something that deserves a post of its on. What is a butter cow? Simply put, the fair has a butter […]

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the Iowa State Fair

Sights and Sounds of the Iowa State Fair

The sights and sounds of the Iowa State Fair are still with me. It was an incredible experience for a first time state fair goer. I am writing several posts about it and will be publishing them over the next week or two. But to start, I thought some of you may like to get […]

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Midwest Roadtrip: The American Gothic Home

Recently, on my drive back to St. Louis from Des Moines, I had thought I’d stop along the way and take some photos of tractors rolling etc. While I saw lots of machines on the run tilling the earth or planting a new crop, there was something that made me enjoy more driving than photographing […]

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crowd at small town

Looking Forward to an April Trip to Iowa for #140conf!

After all my ranting and raving last fall about getting to be part of the #140conf Small Town in Hutchison, Kansas, it probably isn’t surprising to many of you that I have seized another opportunity to participate. For those of you who are wondering what is #140conf….  Here’s how I answer the “What is 140 […]

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