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sony discman

If the iPod Classic is Old School, What’s the Discman?

This week as I was settling into a Southwest flight to Washington D.C., I got on early enough to nab the aisle seat in an exit row. With as much as I travel, I have a routine that I go through when I get on a flight and I started going through that. I was […]

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Thankful for Music!

Thankful for Music — Acoustic, Rock or Country — I Love Lots of It!

I have expressed my love of music on my blog before, but there is a difference in simply saying you love it and truly being thankful for something. For me, I a truly thankful for music for several reasons and that’s what rates a mention here in my 30 days of thanks series. There is […]

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goodbye Blackberry

What’s happened to Blackberry? Is anyone buying them?

Last week was one for the record books when it comes to smartphones. With that in mind, I wrote a guest post about what’s happening at Blackberry for TheMobileFarmer.com. I encourage you to read it, particularly if you haven’t been closely following smartphone news in the past week as Blackberry had major announcements and Nielson […]

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Richard Bailey of the SteelDrivers & me

Top Music Experiences and New Music Downloads

Music is a huge part of my life. I have never been what anyone would call a musician (I am sure that lawsuits would be filed if playing flute in junior high school qualified). But I think most of my family and friends would nod in agreement if someone said I was passionate about music. […]

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Good Barbecue, Good Byes, Seeking Refuge in My Guest Room

Today is one of those days…. Having had an incredible time at the AgChat Foundation Conference but not much resting time, I’ve seen people talk of “recuperating” and must admit the green-eyed monster raised his head a tiny bit. Then again, I sort of did this to myself. A year ago, I agreed to move […]

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