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My nephew in my lap & in great thought

30 Days of Thanks: Thankful for A Nephew Who Totally Rocks

I decided to pull up some older photos of my nephew…. Here are some photos of us together from years ago…. just look at that face! How incredible is that? And yes, I enjoyed tickling him! He still makes me laugh but it isn’t by sitting in my lap very often… well unless he has on his […]

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Dodge Truck ad

Best Super Bowl Ads? “So God Made A Farmer” by Dodge & Jeep’s “We Wait. We Hope. We Pray”

This morning my head is still on the couple of commercials that calmed the noise last night. I have to admit, this year I didn’t have a team in the Super Bowl. And that meant the half-time show and commercials were front and center for me and they didn’t disappoint! They even prompted me to […]

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Highway 61 - the catfish highway?

A Highway 61 Adventure I’ll Never Forget! Catfish are Jumping! (Day 5)

The other day as I finally met Miss Dazey in real life, we got to telling stories. Her husband Mr. Bruce used to be in the trucking business and he prompted me to remember something. I hadn’t thought of this in a while, and we had some laughs as I told it so I hope […]

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A Use of Genetic Engineering I Hadn't Ever Thought of

A Use of Genetic Engineering I Hadn’t Ever Thought of

I don’t know if anyone else’s ears perk up when Jeep commercials come on, but mine always have. Part of it is because for years I was a Jeep owner and I frequently still wish I had one. In fact, I miss it enough to have blogged about it LOL! But a new Jeep commercial […]

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