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140 characters exxploring the State of Now

Hope to See You at 140 Conference State of Now for Ag #140ConfAgIowa

LIVE FEED NOW https://ustream.com/channel/140confagiowa This week will be a big one! I will be at one of the 140 State of Now Conferences that is a mini conference, just a few hours long and this one — #140confAgIowa — is focused on agriculture and being held in Ames, Iowa. I’ve been to a few 140 […]

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Uncle Jerry Hirsch

Why You Really Need to Participate in the State of Now!!! #140conf #140confDM

I am sure you feel like you have heard everything there is to say about the State of Now 140 conference. If not, read these posts. And you’ll think you know it all, but I don’t think you will get it UNLESS that is, you have been to a State of Now conference. Participating in […]

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Jeff Pulver brings smiles with purple Converse like these

A Social Media Hero With a HUGE Heart & Great Hugs @JeffPulver of #140Conf

I’ve written about Jeff Pulver before — he’s an integral part of my post about the faces of #140Conf Small Town and Monday’s #140confDM.  And while I talk a bit about Jeff in those posts… you don’t really get the feel for the guy cause all of that was within context of the conference and lots […]

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crowd at small town

Looking Forward to an April Trip to Iowa for #140conf!

After all my ranting and raving last fall about getting to be part of the #140conf Small Town in Hutchison, Kansas, it probably isn’t surprising to many of you that I have seized another opportunity to participate. For those of you who are wondering what is #140conf….  Here’s how I answer the “What is 140 […]

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Michelle Tucker, Katie Pinke & Val Wagner

The Friends & Faces of my #140conf Small Town Experience

I know that I am going to post too much about the #140conf small town. Afterall, I have already posted on it multiple times (accepted to speak, pumped about it coming soon, the cool space night….) and there will be more. But I wanted to explain why I am so excited over something like this […]

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Small Town Conference 2011

Join Me at #140conf Small Town Tuesday — In Person or Online!

I know I’ve already written about how excited I am to be going to Hutchinson, Kansas for 140 Conference Small Town, but it’s upon me and the excitement is overflowing so I have to write again. 🙂  While I remember being in other towns in south central Kansas, I don’t think I ever went to Hutchinson […]

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Impacts from #140conf Small Town 2011 Already Starting

For my folks who don’t follow Twitter closely, you may not know about the 140 Character Conferences. #140conf are a series of events that have been held in various parts of the United States and a few foreign countries. The #140conf events “provide a platform for the worldwide twitter community to: listen, connect, share and […]

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