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Mr. Ray Young, The Farmer Who Won My Heart (Farms A to Z)

My first visit to a farm seems a million years ago and yet it also seems like yesterday. The farmer to host me for my first real farm visit, while I was in graduate school was Mr. Ray Young. I can’t imagine how often he and his wife Mrs. Dorothy have come to mind over […]

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Ham Farms sweet potatoes

Y is for Yams or Are They Sweet Potatoes? What’s the Difference Anyway?

I met Will Kornegay through social media and love that he offered to help me with my “S” post. See, Will grows sweet potatoes and was willing to help me out. But I have worked in the seed business for 15 years and really felt that I had to say S is for Seed. BUT […]

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The whole plantation looks the same -- Brandon Gravois, So. Louisiana 9 am 8-29

Hurricane Isaac Dumps a Foot of Rain on Louisiana Farms and It’s Still Raining

For those of us who know and love the land and people of South Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, it has been hard watching what Hurricane Isaac is doing to the farms there from afar. At the same time, the ability to stay up-to-date with what’s really happening through social media rather than simply hearing from […]

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sugarcane harvest in Lousiana by Robert Duncan

Southern Farmers Try to Get Crops Harvested Before Hurricane Isaac Hits

It is really hard for those of us from farming communities in the Mid-South to talk about what’s happening this week as the nation watches Hurricane Isaac set its course on a path that takes aim on New Orleans. There are a couple of big reasons you won’t hear much from farmers publicly tonight. The […]

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six lock boll

How is the US Cotton Crop Faring in the Drought?

Each Monday, I get the USDA-NASS Crop Progress and Condition Report. And I frequently think I should share it with others — at least the cotton parts. 馃檪 But today, I am going to do it instead of just thinking about it!聽The report shows data for the stages of the crop we are in each […]

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Looking at the Flood’s Impact a Week after the Mississippi River Crested

As more folks learned more about the flooding in the Mississippi River basin, Some cities & towns are breathing sighs of relief that this flood that is close to a century in the making wasn’t worse and others are fighting a long battle. Wednesday as I drove along the river, I took a little time […]

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Louisiana Flooding: A Chance Conversation About the Morganza Spillway on My Flight Home

My flight out of DC back to Memphis was loaded. The noon flight had been cancelled and that let a long list of standby passengers congregate hoping for a seat. With that in mind, I was glad to get an operator on the 800 line to find me a window seat so I got out […]

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biotech GMO cotton farmer Jay Hardwick

Cotton 101: America’s Heartland Provides Video Look at Cotton Farming

I could be in heaven. America’s Heartland, the awesome show that PBS airs to help Americans learn about agriculture is focused on cotton for an entire show! Yes, it’s a must-see聽Episode 617 – The Cotton Harvest. While I’d suggest you watch the entire episode, the reality that many of us like to watch small clips […]

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