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Christmas on the Creek

Have you ever heard of Christmas on the Creek?

I love small towns and the parades they have. I’ve seen cars, trucks and tractors pulling floats for homecoming, celebrating the nation’s birthday or honoring our veterans. I think there is something unique about how some small towns celebrate holidays and Christmas is certainly one that you can find some in small towns going all […]

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pink girls weekend

#YesAllWomen has Been on My Mind, Now it’s on the Blog

I’ve been reading the articles online and having the discussion with friends and family…. but I hadn’t added my voice other than a few tweets here and there and some comments on Facebook. As I read Estelle Tang’s open letter to all of her male friends, I thought maybe my voice should join the #YesAllWomen […]

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Remembering Miss Dot (Dot Hester) & Her Hospitality

Over the past few months, a dear friend from my Mississippi Delta days, Miss Dot aka Dot Hester, has been undergoing treatment for a terminal illness. I had heard about it for a while, had checked in with various friends on her well-being & state of mind and kept hearing various reports on the kind […]

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Mississippi Delta

The Uniqueness of the Mississippi Delta

With a bit of time off for the holidays, I decided to take a quick trip down into the Delta. I’ve talked about some of the things that come to mind with “The Delta” before, but it is so hard to capture in words. That’s certainly the feeling I got on Monday as I drove […]

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thankful for cold weather killing bugs

Thankful for Cold Weather in the Winter. Wait, did I say that?

Everyone who knows me, knows I vastly prefer warm weather days. I love days when I can drive around with the top of my car down — I even wrote a 30 days of thanks post about how awesome fresh air days are. So why would I give thanks for cold weather days? Especially when […]

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flood irrigation

I is for Irrigation — Water Use & Conservation on the Farm

Irrigation is one of those crop practices that was really near and dear to people’s hearts last year since so much of the U.S. had a drought last year. I know here in St. Louis we all longed for rain and in the meantime, I was glad I had a timer on my soaker hose […]

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the wind from Katrina

The “We” and “Me” of A Crisis

This morning I was still waking up when I read a great blog post by my friend Colleen Newvine Tebeau (she was the one who encouraged my purchase of JZ, the deck rooster). She’s one of the friends in the New York area who were on my mind as I watched Hurricane Sandy. The crisis unfolded […]

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Highway 61 - the catfish highway?

A Highway 61 Adventure I’ll Never Forget! Catfish are Jumping! (Day 5)

The other day as I finally met Miss Dazey in real life, we got to telling stories. Her husband Mr. Bruce used to be in the trucking business and he prompted me to remember something. I hadn’t thought of this in a while, and we had some laughs as I told it so I hope […]

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