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Laclede Statue at St Louis City Hall via Flickr Mike Fisher

St Louis A to Z: Laclede, Lewis & Clark and Lemp Mansion

I have to admit that writing all of these A to Z posts is really making me think a lot about the city I now call home. And while several of the topics here are related to a specific bit of history or a specific place, but for me that’s helping me patch together this […]

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the wind from Katrina

The “We” and “Me” of A Crisis

This morning I was still waking up when I read a great blog post by my friend Colleen Newvine Tebeau (she was the one who encouraged my purchase of JZ, the deck rooster). She’s one of the friends in the New York area who were on my mind as I watched Hurricane Sandy. The crisis unfolded […]

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The whole plantation looks the same -- Brandon Gravois, So. Louisiana 9 am 8-29

Hurricane Isaac Dumps a Foot of Rain on Louisiana Farms and It’s Still Raining

For those of us who know and love the land and people of South Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, it has been hard watching what Hurricane Isaac is doing to the farms there from afar. At the same time, the ability to stay up-to-date with what’s really happening through social media rather than simply hearing from […]

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Against the Grain TV Show

Watching Real Farm Stories: Against the Grain on TV

Today, I got home from the airport and should have been busily working on so many things. As I turned on the TV, I thought I would find something that could play in the background. Instead, I found something that left me spellbound. It’s a TV show that talks to various farmers about the 2011 […]

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The Memphis Riverfront Returning to Normal

As I was running around town the other day, I realized that some of you may be interested to know how the riverfront looks. My impression is that the flooded areas have recovered incredibly fast, however there are still problems that need to be addressed. One that grabbed my eye from a distance was a […]

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Looking at the Flood’s Impact a Week after the Mississippi River Crested

As more folks learned more about the flooding in the Mississippi River basin, Some cities & towns are breathing sighs of relief that this flood that is close to a century in the making wasn’t worse and others are fighting a long battle. Wednesday as I drove along the river, I took a little time […]

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Louisiana Flooding: A Chance Conversation About the Morganza Spillway on My Flight Home

My flight out of DC back to Memphis was loaded. The noon flight had been cancelled and that let a long list of standby passengers congregate hoping for a seat. With that in mind, I was glad to get an operator on the 800 line to find me a window seat so I got out […]

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My Memphis Flood Interview with BBC World Tonight

Sunday I got an really unexpected email. It was short and simple. The message was sent to the email address I use with my blog: I’m a journalist with the BBC World Service in London.   We are interested in talking to some Memphis residents about the flooding.   Could I possibly give you a call ? […]

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