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Watching the Great Flood of 2011 Crest – Another Word-filled Wednesday

It has been quite a week to be a Memphian. Talk of the flood of 2011 seems to have started months ago (even I wondered how much the heavy snowpack would mean to us), but it really didn’t get my attention until I saw what was going on in the Bootheel just under two weeks […]

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The Memphis Flood of 2011 Through the Eyes of a Child — My Nine Year Old Niece Learns Life Lessons about the Mississippi River

Saturday, as I headed east toward Midtown, my nine year old niece was riding in the back seat. (Tip — it seems having the top down in nice weather neutralizes a kids desire to sit up front cause I don’t let her just yet.) We were talking about the day. She had been to a […]

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How’s flooding impact Memphis area ag?

This week I had a chance to write a couple of blog posts that didn’t go on my personal blog. They speak to the impact the flooding is having on agriculture specifically. Today, social media friend & Memphis realtor Joe Spake posted something I wrote generally about the impact of flooding on ag in the […]

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Mississippi Flood Waters Enter Downtown Memphis

From the feedback I’ve received on my photo post that I put up Wednesday, I think I’m safe in saying that some folks would appreciate seeing photos of downtown Memphis as the Mississippi River continues rising. This evening, I returned down to the River and was so captivated by the views from mid-bluff (starting around […]

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Mississippi River Flood Water Keeps Rising in Memphis, Tennessee Makes a Word-Filled Wednesday

I may be overdoing it with the many pictures of downtown Memphis if today’s blog post but the views of downtown were so captivating. And we actually had sun and I just couldn’t bring myself to come inside — driving around with the top down and running around various parks and places to take photos […]

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Mississippi River Stages May 2011

Tough Day as Memphis & Much of the Mississippi River Basin Faces Flooding

Disbelief. I don’t know how else to describe today but as one of utter disbelief in what’s unfolded. Here it is almost midnight and I’m tapping on my keyboard as the rain pounds the roof & windows yet again. I hear the sounds but my mind is having trouble processing them because I just can’t […]

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Flat Stanley’s Jake Visits Memphis, Professes Love of Cows & Pigs

Since so many of my friends helped with the Flat Stanley project, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of Flat Stanley’s coloring genius — my nephew Jake! Jake was here on spring break for a great four-day weekend. We got the chance to see a bunch of family & friends and got […]

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Spring Floods Hit as Snow Melts, Rivers Near Crest Stage

Spring 2011 is officially here. For some friends, that was realized when they saw the first robin in their yard. For me, it seems to be when I am drawn to a drive with the top down in my car. For a lot of farmers though it could be when they first hear planting reports […]

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