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Having the Voices of a Few Incredible Co-workers (and me) on BlogHer

I think most of my friends on Facebook and Twitter may have already seen this but I thought I should share it here too. I recently had a social media friend — Aimee Whetstine of Everyday Epistle — ask me if I was willing to do an interview with her and if I thought other […]

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my heart is on the farm

My Plans for Observing National Ag Day

My passion for agriculture began as I first started meeting farmers and it has grown significantly as I’ve had various roles in agricultural communications. That profession — agricultural communications isn’t something I even knew existed when I went to college. My spot in agriculture is one that I’m betting a lot of people never think […]

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Indian cotton farmer irrigating

Breeding Bitter Seeds of Deception That Hurts Indian Cotton Farmers

I’ve been asked several times how I could work for a company that cares so little for life that we turn a blind eye to the plight of Indian cotton farmers due to Indian suicides. Some people have heard that farmers there are committing suicide because of the biotech seeds we sell. I’ve had long […]

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Janice Person hates cold weather

365 Project Week 8: It is Still Winter in St. Louis (Days 53-59) February VIDEO

I’m pretty pumped I have now completed two months of the 365 photo challenge. For me, the commitment to take a photo everyday that I’m willing to share is really a good exercise in finding ways to make time for something that’s creative. And I find myself thinking about it at various points of the […]

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Haynie Family

“So God Made a Farmer” and “America’s Farmers” Recognize Farmers In Super Bowl Ads

I was finishing up #BlogChat tonight and I had to drop out. Why? The conversation was great and there was an incredible crowd. HOWEVER, having a second video salute farmers during the Super Bowl was just too much for me to take! The ad that pushed me over the edge? “So God Made a Farmer” […]

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Monsanto drought tolerance via Mark Edge

Drought Tolerance Discussion Draws Farmer Interest at AFBF13

Yesterday I sat in on the presentation about drought tolerant corn and wanted to reblog it here so you could all find it on the Farm Bureau annual meeting blog. The speaker, Mark Edge, also gave me a short overview on what the presentation was about. It’s here on video. On Sunday, one of the […]

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Idealistic about the Future of Farming & Working at Monsanto

Today a friend of mine has a post on the company blog that, with the exception of growing up in Texas and the whole mom thing, feels like I could have written it. Like Molly, I have friends or people I meet when I’m out and about, show some sense of surprise when the conversation […]

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Goose Island Brewpub 'Digestif' Chocolate Habernero Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel

Farmers Become Foodies Over Incredible Dinner at St. Louis’ Niche

aka Two Farmers, Two Foodies and a Monsanto Employee Walk into a Restaurant Some of my readers may know about a project called One Hundred Meals and some may not. But that project’s creators Ellen Malloy and Grant Kessler, were in St. Louis recently along with two of my dearest farmer friends — Mike Haley […]

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