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Tornadoes… Are They Bad or are People Paranoid? My Thoughts 

Now and then amongst the unwanted, poorly pitched info graphics that don’t suit this blog’s content, the contact page results in real conversation with someone. This week, one of those strikes me as something I may want to share here. Hope you find it of interest. I had a bit of back and forth with […]

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weather map of the Midwest in storms

Hearing “I Would Never Live in Tornado Alley” & Wondering

This spring has been a hard one for those of us who live in the middle of the country. We have had flooding rains that don’t seem to stop, late freezes and the tornado season, while it started late has been especially harsh. With the tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma recently it seemed more […]

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Enid, OK grain elevator

E is for Elevator — an A to Z Series about Agriculture

It wasn’t too long ago that I was talking with someone and they started describing something they saw and didn’t know the right words to use. They wanted me to understand, but it was sort of like they were speaking a different language. They were talking about a town I hadn’t been too but they […]

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cotton gin close-up

Cotton Gin in Kansas Made Me Pump My Brakes

This fall, while in Kansas for the State of Now, I took the backroads from Hutchison toward the part of northwestern Oklahoma I called home for four years while I was in college. When I was driving through an “s” curve, I saw this sign and had to stop — yes, the cotton logo had […]

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stuffed zucchini

Menu When Visiting Friends Includes Food & News From Syria

This weekend, I took a little time to catch up with friends while I was on the Plains. So I drove from Hutchinson, Kansas southward through the middle of nowhere of my college years. I have lots to share from this trip, but I want to focus on where I arrived for this post. I […]

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Sue's Diner on Broadway, Enid, OK

Small Town Hospitality & Great Food in Enid, OK

Recently I had a chance to go back to Oklahoma and visit some college friends. We were just wanting to hang out, catch up on what’s been happening and, I must confess, eat well. We certainly did that! Visiting with my girlfriend Shawna, it seems that you can go far and wide to get really […]

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little man at a cotton picker

How is cotton picked nowadays?

Tonight I was asked to answer a question about cotton on Quora and I decided to go ahead and post my reply here on the blog too since I had already taken the time to write it all up.  🙂 The question was “How is cotton picked nowadays?” The answer I gave them follows with a few […]

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map of the New Madrid fault

Learning About Earthquakes in the Central US

This started to be wordless…. I was real happy with the photos…. but then, I couldn’t stop typing after I did my intro so its longer now. I’ll make it a Wordy Wednesday. 🙂 I don’t know how things happen to be so timely, but Friday as I drove south from St. Louis to Memphis, […]

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