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self-portrait Grand Teton

Day 4 Part 1: Getting to and Touring Grand Teton National Park (Video)

Funny that it is beginning to seem like one day on my great American roadtrip requires one week in the real world for me to get it written, photos & video put together, etc. Some days were so heavy on photos, that it is a major time commitment. It should be no surprise that would […]

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Wyoming roadtrip

My Great American Roadtrip Day 3 Driving through Wyoming (Video)

I have gotten a bit busy and haven’t kept up with the videos & posts from my great American roadtrip the way I wanted to, but I decided I really wanted to pull from all the cameras, video, etc. And then I get caught up in looking at all of the detail & reliving the […]

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Bon Jovi Live at ScottTrade in St. Louis

365 Project Week 10: Photos from Around St. Louis

This is a week spent all at home. And you can really see the different kind of stuff I can get myself into! St. Louis will be getting more diverse coverage too since the days are getting longer! A Serious Majorette — 67 / 365 I still remember the first time I drove past this sign […]

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geology lamp shade

365 Project Week 7: Hanging Out in St. Louis (Days 46-52)

This week’s photos are a strange combination of things. Some were photos taken in the wink of an eye and others involved my taking a much more thorough planning process or multiple shutter snaps before I got exactly what I wanted or involved more processing. In an odd way, they show the diversity of my week. […]

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cattlemen in Tampa, FL

365 Project Weeks 5 & 6: St. Louis, Cowboys, Tampa, Phoenix & Fun (Days 32-45)

Well, I guess I have gotten pretty busy because not only did I fail to post week five’s photos on the blog, but I didn’t even realize I had missed it for several days! So this post includes the first two weeks of February in one post! There is quite a combination of things going […]

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path light

365 Project Week 4: A Great Week at Home & Awesome First Month! (Days 25-31) VIDEO

I have had a great fourth week doing my 365 project and it was another week of being home! This week, all the photos were taken in St. Louis so it gives a bit of insight into my new hometown and some of the things I have going on here.  And this is so fun that […]

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cotton reflections

365 Project Week 3: Hanging Out in Missouri (Days 18-24)

This week shows a wild shift from last weekends weather where I drove around St. Louis in awe of record-setting 67 degree weather, to having ice on the windows and record cold temperatures. It was a week where I stayed in the general area too, taking a short trip to Columbia to visit dear friends […]

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Reflection Branches

365 Project: Week 2 Got Pretty Busy! (Days 11 – 17)

My 365 project is beginning to take shape! I have gotten photos taken everyday and posted photos from the day each time, but have to admit there have been a few things that have posed challenges: Sometimes its clear what I should photograph but other times I seem to search for something that will work. […]

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