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My Lessons in Using a GoPro or FauxPro While Snorkeling

As I mentioned earlier, I bought my action camera (ie the Faux Pro as I call it), specifically with a snorkeling trip in mind. Reality is I bought it sort of last minute — just a couple of days before we left for the trip. I didn’t know what I was doing at all so […]

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farm instagrams

Top 18 Farmers Sharing Their Passion & Farm Photos on Instagram

When folks ask about the social media channel that I enjoy the most, I tell them Instagram (if we aren’t already connected, I’m JPlovesCOTTON and as a sample, here’s a photo I took recently). I mean, afterall, I got my first job to fund my photography habit (I have never stopped buying cameras either! It is […]

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my fauxpro camera

Buying a GoPro or in My Case a FauxPro

The products I mention here are things I found & purchased on my own. I am putting affiliate links in the post so that I may make a tiny commission on any sales generated from the post.  With friends who would be able to cover large acreages, drones make sense to scout crops and a […]

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Phillips University Art Building

Thankful for Art and for Looking at the World with an Artistic Eye

Do you remember when it seemed like everyone enjoyed art? You know, back before grades and competition got involved? When we could use paste and construction paper with a pair of scissors and crayons and come up with something that no matter how it looked, our parents would say how great it was? LOVED those […]

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photo with showed faces & edited with spotlight

How to Edit Mobile Photos Quickly & Without Expensive Software

As you know, I have been doing the 365 project. And although I stopped posting the photos here without any fanfare, I have done really well capturing every day this year but one with a photo that is representative of the day (the one day I missed featured a whoops). Here’s a collection of thumbnails […]

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Bon Jovi Live at ScottTrade in St. Louis

365 Project Week 10: Photos from Around St. Louis

This is a week spent all at home. And you can really see the different kind of stuff I can get myself into! St. Louis will be getting more diverse coverage too since the days are getting longer! A Serious Majorette — 67 / 365 I still remember the first time I drove past this sign […]

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Reflection Branches

365 Project: Week 2 Got Pretty Busy! (Days 11 – 17)

My 365 project is beginning to take shape! I have gotten photos taken everyday and posted photos from the day each time, but have to admit there have been a few things that have posed challenges: Sometimes its clear what I should photograph but other times I seem to search for something that will work. […]

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olive wood rosary & the evil eye

365 Project: The First Full Week’s Worth of Photos (Days 4-10)

I wanted to share the past week of my 365 project with you. This week included time at home in St. Louis and my Beltwide Cotton Conferences experience. This was my first full week of the 365 project I’ve taken on and so far I had a photo go up every day on my 365project.org […]

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