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cotton field

Cotton – Maybe My Last Photos of a Harvest Ready Field in 2012 (Day 6)

I love seeing a cotton field near harvest time and I’m afraid this may be the last set of photos I get to capture this year during picking time. Late in the afternoon and into the early evening there is a kind of light that grabs my attention and makes me hit the brakes no […]

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cotton picker dumping its harvest into a module builder

Cotton 101: Cotton Pickin’ Happy Sight to See! VIDEO

Saturday I was driving down Interstate 55 toward Memphis to visit family. I wasn’t in a real rush so I decided to hop off the highway and shoot a few quick tutorial videos that I could put here on the blog. Got those cranked out and thought it would be a straight shot into Memphis. […]

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cotton module truck loading

Cotton 101: Getting Cotton to the Gin

A photo blog of transporting cotton to the gin after harvest. Includes photos of different styles of modules, the ways modules are labeled, and descriptions of the how what and why. The latest part in the Cotton 101 series.

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One Row John Deere cotton picker

Cotton 101: How Harvest has Changed in a Lifetime

One of the folks I met through the National Agri-Marketing Association, Robert Ratliff, recently help me connect the dots. Robert grew up on a cotton farm and had posted the photo to the left on his Facebook page.  The caption on it pointed to a different machine that he used to pick cotton old school. […]

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farmer explaining how picker works

Cotton 101: A Country Girl’s First Farm Visit

My niece’s first visit to a farm at the age of 22. We spent the day in cotton fields watching the farm crew go about their work and even going along for a ride. This is a guest post from her saying what she’s learned.

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