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looking for the cotton harvest crew

City Girls Getting Up Close to Cotton

Some of you may remember that a little while ago I wrote about taking my youngest niece on a farm field trip during harvest. That post was about us checking out some soybeans. Not sure how I failed to get back to writing about the trip since I have a whole series of posts to […]

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problems with cotton in the rain

What cotton harvest problems can farmers have when it rains?

This weekend, I accidentally called a friend who farms (ok, I butt dialed him) and he called me back.  We enjoyed the serendipity of it all and had a good visit. As is always the case, weather was a major discussion point. Seems not only was Memphis cooler and wetter than I’d like but he could […]

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cotton field

Walkin’ in High Cotton – What is that?

“Walkin’ in high cotton” is a phrase you can hear and is generally connected to prosperity and happiness. The phrase has been popularized in music but I’m not sure everyone knows some of the ways it can connect to farming cotton.

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