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City Girls Checking Out a Soybean Field

Our goal for the “city girls on the farm” day was definitely to enjoy cotton harvest but on the way we saw something shiny 聽and got distracted! The something shiny? Maybe you have already seen the photo and have already guessed. 馃檪 Spotting a Tractor These girls heads were turned by a John Deere! We […]

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pink cotton bloom

What You Should Know About Cotton in September

I have to say, it has been too long since I stepped into a cotton field, so when people send me photos online reminding me where we are in the cotton season, I get pretty excited. Seemed like a good time to do a quick status check on the crop since a couple of people […]

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cotton boll cut open

What a Total a Lack of Maturity! … In Cotton Fields

On of the things that farmers have to worry about is whether or not their crops are going to fully mature. And while I think more than a few people can be watched closely for the same reason, with crops, it is a bit different. In order to harvest a crop, farmers want to be […]

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baby cotton plants

Young Cotton Plants & 2014 Cotton Planting Progress to Date

This spring has been a bit nuts. Not only have we had weird cold snaps and some pretty significant storms, but I have been traveling a lot and all of those things come together to delay my seeing those precious cotton plants getting their start this spring. But today, as I drove back to St. […]

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thankful for cold weather killing bugs

Thankful for Cold Weather in the Winter. Wait, did I say that?

Everyone who knows me, knows I vastly prefer warm weather days. I love days when I can drive around with the top of my car down — I even wrote a 30 days of thanks post about how awesome fresh air days are. So why would I give thanks for cold weather days? Especially when […]

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tree growth rings are evidence of plant vascular systems

X is for Xylem — Plants have vascular systems? And with xylem in them?

When I started this, the fascination was about how I could find an X-word for my A to Z on agriculture. I took time and searched around a bit and the appendix of my trusty Cotton Physiology Handbook showed me this wouldn’t be too hard. But I have to admit, I don’t use xylem in […]

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tractor getting ready to plant

S is for Seed — It All Starts with a Seed

My part of agriculture is crops even if I’ve been learning more about livestock in the past few years. And crops tend to start with the seed (I say tend because there are a few like olives that work off cuttings). Seed is probably the most critical decision a farmer or gardener makes in a […]

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A to Z Agriculture banner

N is for Nutrients — Nutrients Are So Critical in Agriculture

N is for Nutrients. That one has been in my mind for the whole time and nothing has shaken it. I guess some people may be thinking I could have made this a post about N is for nitrogen and had something similar, but I whole-heartedly disagree. And while no-till is a compelling term — […]

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