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loam soils

L is for Loam, Love Great Silt Loam Soils

I can remember a time when I thought of dirt as something that only seemed to change about it was the color. I had noticed it when my family took vacations and even in looking at the soils in my grandparent’s yard since grandmom was an avid composter. But when I moved from Memphis to […]

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fresh greens for sale at the farmer's market

K is for Kale — Kale is a Winter Crop & a Power Food

Early on I thought of two words that I may want to write about in my K post. They were VERY DIFFERENT words. One was of course kale (bet you could guess that since I’m writing about that) and the other was just K — that’s the abbreviation for potassium and potash is really important […]

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stringout in cotton

Cotton 101 Video: Impacts of Rain on Cotton During #Harvest12

There has been so much rain in the Mid-South recently and I thought some of you may be wondering how rain may impact the cotton crop that is still in the field. So I’m posting another harvest time video. The previous two videos showed 1) what the cotton plant looks like as it nears harvest and […]

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close up of cotton boll

Cotton Plant 101: What do a cotton plant, blooms & bolls look like? VIDEO

Last weekend as I drove through the Missouri Bootheel, I saw cotton fields at various stages of development. In fact, I found one field that had a lot of bolls on it and was still blooming too, so it gave me a chance to show a lot of the different stages of growth for cotton. […]

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a small bright orange pumpkin

The Volunteer is a Pumpkin Plant! The Great Pumpkin is Here!

Recently, I posted photos of a mystery plant taking over my flower bed and asked if folks knew whether it was squash, pumpkin or something else, well, the jury is in! I HAVE one orange pumpkin and one green pumpkin out there! I grabbed my first photos of the pumpkins this weekend as I celebrated […]

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pumpkin covered in raindrops

VIDEO: Celebrating Rare Rain During the Drought of 2012

I woke up in the middle of the night to the bright lights of lightning and the crashes of thunder. It was so exciting, I had trouble getting back to sleep! Seriously! Not from fear, mind you but like so many of you, I was thrilled that rain could be coming! As rain hit the […]

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a really big volunteer squash or pumpkin plant

A Volunteer is Taking Over My Flower Bed

I was born and raised in the Volunteer State so I would like to think I know a little about volunteering. I’ve been blessed to have a lot of opportunities to volunteer with various organizations that cover various social services, the performing arts, and more. And I’d like to think I’d roll out a red […]

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A Working Cotton Dictionary (2)

A Working Cotton Dictionary (Words Cotton Folks Use that May Confuse Others)

aka Vocabulary the Way I’ve Heard Cotton Farmers & Other Experts Use It & How It Can Be Misunderstood If the title and subhead don’t point out this is not an academic endeavor, then let me say it outright. THIS IS NO ACADEMIC DICTIONARY ON COTTON. This is just a simple compilation of words that […]

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