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photo with showed faces & edited with spotlight

How to Edit Mobile Photos Quickly & Without Expensive Software

As you know, I have been doing the 365 project. And although I stopped posting the photos here without any fanfare, I have done really well capturing every day this year but one with a photo that is representative of the day (the one day I missed featured a whoops). Here’s a collection of thumbnails […]

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Janice Person hates cold weather

365 Project Week 8: It is Still Winter in St. Louis (Days 53-59) February VIDEO

I’m pretty pumped I have now completed two months of the 365 photo challenge. For me, the commitment to take a photo everyday that I’m willing to share is really a good exercise in finding ways to make time for something that’s creative. And I find myself thinking about it at various points of the […]

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cotton reflections

365 Project Week 3: Hanging Out in Missouri (Days 18-24)

This week shows a wild shift from last weekends weather where I drove around St. Louis in awe of record-setting 67 degree weather, to having ice on the windows and record cold temperatures. It was a week where I stayed in the general area too, taking a short trip to Columbia to visit dear friends […]

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Reflection Branches

365 Project: Week 2 Got Pretty Busy! (Days 11 – 17)

My 365 project is beginning to take shape! I have gotten photos taken everyday and posted photos from the day each time, but have to admit there have been a few things that have posed challenges: Sometimes its clear what I should photograph but other times I seem to search for something that will work. […]

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olive wood rosary & the evil eye

365 Project: The First Full Week’s Worth of Photos (Days 4-10)

I wanted to share the past week of my 365 project with you. This week included time at home in St. Louis and my Beltwide Cotton Conferences experience. This was my first full week of the 365 project I’ve taken on and so far I had a photo go up every day on my 365project.org […]

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365 Colorful Adventures camera

The First Few Days of My First 365 Day Photo Project

Earlier this week, I wrote about looking back across 2012 and thinking about the coming year. One thing I decided to do was a 365 project — these are projects various people do over the years where they take a photo everyday and compile them. It seemed like a nice way to capture what 2013 […]

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