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Great American Roadtrip

Thinking About the Great American Roadtrip

Americans have an affinity for the roadtrip. The freedom of the road has such a mystique to it that books, movies and music have all included it as a central theme. But what makes a roadtrip better than normal travel? What takes a roadtrip from normal to the “Great American Roadtrip?” I’ve been weighing that […]

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Bethany Hills Camp, Kingston Springs, TN

Bethany Hills Camp — One of My Happy Places

Last week’s 365 project post included a photo that drew a decent amount of attention. I thought because I had edited the photo a good amount, it may be good for me to share the original and the edited version as my mostly wordless Wednesday Here’s the view I saw. It was close to noon. […]

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Just Married & Dr. Pepper

Wordless Wednesday: Foiled Again! An Office Prank to Remember

Stumbled on this set of photos and thought it makes a PERFECT wordless Wednesday post! It was an office prank that was done as a coworker was out of town on her honeymoon. All good fun and a lot of the foil was recycled. 馃檪 Have you ever pulled off a highly visual prank?

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boat on creek

Mostly Photos: Tranquility on the Banks of Deer Creek (Scott, Mississippi)

This week, I had a couple of reasons to dig through some of the photos from various trips I’ve taken and I absolutely love looking at them. And some friends seem to enjoy seeing them and hearing a little bit about some of the places I’ve been to. So today I’m floating an idea with […]

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dinner at Canyon Cafe

Visiting With Dear Friends From Turkey Leaves Me REALLY Tired & Wordless

My friends Onur & Burcu are on their way home to Turkey after having a short visit here. The majority of our time was visiting while shopping and/or eating but it seems the photos I took almost all involve meals! Anyway, they show lots of smiles from visiting with dear friends I haven’t seen since […]

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beautiful pink dogwoods

Spring is Totally Rockin’ the New Yard / Home

Spring has been incredible. It came early and the temps are almost making me wonder if it’s already summer! Since I moved this fall聽and last year was so dry, there wasn’t too much for me to look at yard-wise as I bought the house. I’m enjoying all new surroundings and have had several surprises comes […]

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Sue's Diner on Broadway, Enid, OK

Small Town Hospitality & Great Food in Enid, OK

Recently I had a chance to go back to Oklahoma and visit some college friends. We were just wanting to hang out, catch up on what’s been happening and, I must confess, eat well. We certainly did that! Visiting with my girlfriend Shawna, it seems that you can go far and wide to get really […]

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train to liverpool

Planes, Trains & Automobiles! Happily Jetlagged Thanks to a Trip to England!

I’m putting this together quickly just hours after getting back from a great week of vacation in England with my sister Cheryl! While a week is hardly time to see all the things we would have liked or all the places people recommended, we had an incredible time and I am still in awe of […]

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