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Carrying the cross in Jerusalem

Top 20 Biblical / Religious Sites In Israel Seen During My Recent Vacation

Everyday in Israel we saw fairly incredible places and most, if not all, related to the Bible in one way or another. But narrowing that list down to 20 sites that really grabbed my attention may be hard and I have to say before I even start that prioritizing the list will likely prove impossible […]

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Fishing the Sea of Galilee (Israel) Wordless Wednesday

Last Wednesday I was cruising around Israel’s Sea of Galilee, a body of water I had heard about all my life through Sunday school and other church activities. It was a great day. the final steps of the boat ride included one of the guys on the boat asking if we’d like to see if […]

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A New Perspective While Watching Events in Israel on CNN in the Atlanta Airport

Today was one of those days where I spent my layover time in Atlanta. That’s not that rare nor is it for me to halfway listen to the news broadcast on CNN at the gates. However, today, I suddenly stood up looking for the speaker. The anchor was saying something about Israel and the West […]

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