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my fauxpro camera

Buying a GoPro or in My Case a FauxPro

The products I mention here are things I found & purchased on my own. I am putting affiliate links in the post so that I may make a tiny commission on any sales generated from the post.  With friends who would be able to cover large acreages, drones make sense to scout crops and a […]

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perfect bed sheets

What You Should Know Before Buying Sheets

Last week as I was attending a conference on the technical side of blogging, a friend (Michelle Miller of TheFarmBabe.com) sent me a message since I’m her go to on all things cotton. I answered as she sent another, another and then a deluge. You would have thought she was having a bit of a […]

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How can a Southern girl survive a deep freeze?

Top 15 Things You Can Do to Survive Extreme Cold — Tips from a Panel of Experts

I still remember the advice I was given as I moved to Oklahoma for college. I was told to be sure I had a good coat. It wasn’t what you would think was brilliant advice, but as someone who had lived in a place where you make short moves from your warm car to a […]

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I love pecans!

Pecans are Definitely my Favorite Nuts, Can’t Get Enough!

When you drive around the South, you get used to seeing homes surrounded by a few pecan trees. It isn’t that every house has pecan trees or anything, but you see it often enough that it is pretty normal, especially when you get into more rural areas where people are living on the farm. My […]

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Hershey's kisses

I Love Chocolate! Incredibly Thankful for It too! Gourmet to Mainstream!

Last week I went to a meeting in Pennsylvania for work (I got to meet the farmer members & leaders of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau). And we were in the Sweetest Place on Earth. With a place like that — Hershey, PA — the love of chocolate has been on my mind this week. And […]

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A Quick Visit to a Grocery Store in Japan – Video Slideshow

I love going into grocery stores when I am in other countries! My favorite things to check out are the produce and meat cases. So when given a chance to go to a grocery store in Japan, I jumped at it and grabbed my point & shoot camera! Here are some of the photos I […]

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Granddaddy with his bowling team

Bowling Is A Family Tradition I Never Quite Got, But Maybe I Could (Day 4)

I’m not sure how I became one of the unbowlers of the universe, but it happened. And in some ways, it makes me a bit of a black sheep of the family. I grew up in a bowling family. My granddad was especially tied to the sport. This photo of his bowling team is one […]

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the back of my Twitter shirt JP loves COTTON in symbols

#AgNerd T-Shirts That Grabbed My Eye in Kansas City #ACFC12

What was it that stood out during the AgChat Foundation‘s annual training conference? Well, there were lots of people to catch my eyes and lots of things to see and do, but it was the cotton t-shirts that folks had on that time and time made me snap a quick photo. I wouldn’t be surprised if […]

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