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Feeling My Most Southern Talking about a One-Eared Dog

Do you ever find yourself mentioning something and then when you have to explain a bit more, you realize the story sounds funnier than you meant? That’s sort of what happened this weekend while I was at a luncheon for work. Since we were in Atlanta, my dear friend April came to help out. It […]

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cotton blogs

Top Cotton Blogs You Should be Following

When I tell people I write a bunch of blog posts about cotton, I frequently get a quizzical look or a blank stare. Then when I explain a bit more, that I have worked with cotton farmers for a long time and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned. Seems some folks wouldn’t think you could […]

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Can Southern Hospitality be matched in the Dakotas?

I have to say, as a Southerner, I have always heard about Southern hospitality. There is a standard there you are expected to meet. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Opening your hearts and home to people is probably the central thrust of it. I have done wacky stuff like host people I haven’t […]

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