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Frostbite Gourmet Ice Cream in St. Louis

FrostBite Gourmet Ice Cream Brings Lactose-Free Tasty Goodness to STL VIDEO

I have previously talked about how awesome Show Me the Blog is, how great SMBSTL founder Danyelle Little is and how I met dairy farmers there this year. Well, this is a blog post that has been coming for more than a year! Because it was at the 2011 Show Me the Blog that I […]

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Dairy farmers Becky Bode & Jan Bremer

From a Minnesota Dairy Farm to a St. Louis Bloggers Conference (Video)

During Show Me the Blog St. Louis, I have to admit, I got a charge finding out that Midwest Dairy had sponsored two women who participated in a spring social media session to come to the event. The two family farmers from Minnesota — Janet Bremer of Bremer Farms and Becky Bode from Bode Dairy — started blogs […]

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In the St Louis Cardinals offices

St. Louis Area Bloggers Learn How @MOFarmersCare #STL

I love baseball. Its always been a sport I enjoyed. Spending an afternoon or evening at the ballpark is perfect. What makes it a tiny bit better? Meeting a bunch of bloggers and farmers at a ballpark! That’s exactly what happened last month when I got to go to a bloggers event sponsored by Missouri […]

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pause in the conf to take a group photo

Danyelle Little @TheCubicleChick is One of My Social Media Heroes!

It has been a little while since I did a post in my social media hero series, but this weekend I was clearly reminded of one I needed to write up. That’s because Danyelle Little and her Show Me the Blog conference has rocked my world again. Yeah, I know I wrote about the conference […]

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Goose Island Brewpub 'Digestif' Chocolate Habernero Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel

Farmers Become Foodies Over Incredible Dinner at St. Louis’ Niche

aka Two Farmers, Two Foodies and a Monsanto Employee Walk into a Restaurant Some of my readers may know about a project called One Hundred Meals and some may not. But that project’s creators Ellen Malloy and Grant Kessler, were in St. Louis recently along with two of my dearest farmer friends — Mike Haley […]

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Interviewing Debbie Lyons-Blythe about her Kansas Farm

Getting on the Field at a St. Louis Cardinals Game VIDEO

I love baseball. I’ve been a Yankees fan for years. Started when I first saw the pinstripes but the four years living in New York solidified it. Something about the regular trip to the stadium, discussing the games with friends and complete strangers, and let’s not forget the World Series spirit. I’ve really been a baseball […]

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GA & Jake in the caves & tunnels

Top 3 Family Adventures in St Louis

Last week, my niece Georgia and her son Jake came to visit during a few days of his spring break. I’ve been looking forward to it for months! And since we had a limited amount of time for their visit, we had to prioritize (something I obviously failed miserably at when selecting photos for this […]

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Todd winning second place in BBQ

My First Open House in My New Home

This weekend I hosted an open house to let friends in St. Louis know I was mostly unpacked, organized and I’m totally excited about having friends over. I spent time Friday evening doing some grocery shopping and prepping some dishes and Saturday morning I got the rest of my prep and cooking done. As I […]

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