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Letters from Ferguson, History and Wanting to Soar

I have been meaning to write this post for more than a month now but I kept leaving something behind as I traveled. One of the great things about being home for a while is I am reminding myself of all those things I’ve been meaning to do and while I don’t have time to […]

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30 Days of Thanks Salute to Great Teachers Sharing Time, Expertise & Passion

I have talked a little about some of the thoughts I have about teachers as I talk about the cool stuff my sister does with the elementary school she works at. She does projects with earthworms to teach students about natural soil processes (and gives me worm dirt for Christmas) and goes all out to […]

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Top 15 Signs Responding to a Westboro Baptist Protest

Today the folks from Westboro Baptist Church (they call it a church, but I have to say it does not fit my understanding of that word) were protesting at a school in my community. They were spreading their hateful messages (there is a gay student alliance in Clayton) and I decided I wanted to go […]

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