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Todd winning second place in BBQ

My First Open House in My New Home

This weekend I hosted an open house to let friends in St. Louis know I was mostly unpacked, organized and I’m totally excited about having friends over. I spent time Friday evening doing some grocery shopping and prepping some dishes and Saturday morning I got the rest of my prep and cooking done. As I […]

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Family Pauses for #FoodThanks Over Homemade Pizza

I have another guest post giving #FoodThanks! This one is from Heather, a college friend that I kept in loose touch with til I started spending more time in St. Louis. 馃檪 Since then, we’ve had several chances to spend a bit of time together. She and I had some journalism classes together and even […]

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Batting practice

Lots of Stuff to do on a Family Dairy Farm

I have to tell you that my visit to Ray-Lin Dairy recently was shaped a lot by Ray’s son, 11-year-old Bryson (remember him from the Flat Stanley series?). It was the weekend so Bryson wasn’t at school. He was at home so he was having what sounded like a bit of a typical day in […]

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An Easy Way to Eat Healthier — Fruit My Cube

This one will be a quick post, but I have been trying to make sure I encourage healthier choices rather than the easy choices. One of the things for me is snack foods. I love them. And there are so darn many unhealthy options available that its really easy to choose those instead of something […]

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What Almonds Look Like on the Tree & On the Farm

I love almonds. Love them. By themselves by the handful or carefully laid out in chocolate. (Now I feel like I need a snack break before I can blog anymore. But I will power on.) I’ve had friends who’s families grow pecans (I am SO SOUTHERN) but almonds are not something we grow down south. […]

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The Cotton Belt is Picking Sides — I’m Pulling for the Cardinals!

There is something about the World Series. I can’t put my finger on it but it draws me in time and time again. Even if I haven’t watched much baseball during the season, the playoff season tends to grab me even if my team is totally out of it. I admit it. I am a […]

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Travelers Tuesday To Remember

Travelers Tuesday To Remember

I had to stop and take photos of the license plates at my house tonight to share them with you. Its hard to believe I have people from four different states here visiting for a bit all of them were here though I realized later I didn’t get a photo of all of us together. […]

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Are we killing our own enthusiasm for social media?

Are we killing our own enthusiasm for social media?

As I was getting to work Tuesday morning, I happened on this Google+ post by Mack Collier: I had noticed the same thing about people making radical changes in their social media use. I don’t mean the “social media gurus” though I’ve seen shifts there but I mean with my peers, regular people who are […]

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