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human hungry hungry hippos

Human Hungry Hungry Hippos — My Family’s Game Night on Video

Yes, this is another one of those posts where I show you the hilarity that my family brings when we get together. And yes, this is my extended family… mom shakes her head at her crazy kids, grandkids and the folks we have all decided to share so much of our holidays, etc. with. The […]

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human foosball

Human Foosball Makes for an Awesome Family Game Night

By this point, I think my family Thanksgivings have become legendary. My extended family gets together every other year and we go big — big fun is a key piece of it every time. At the last one, we played our first games of human foosball and human hungry hungry hippos. And I have to […]

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30 days of thanks

What Comes After 30 Days of Thanks?

Having spent the month of November doing my series of posts being thankful, I have to say, it was a great way to focus some energy in a positive way. I took time everyday thinking about the things I have to be thankful for. Some of the topics I came up with were things I […]

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lake early in the morning srong horizontal

Thankful for an INCREDIBLE Thanksgiving Weekend!

I know my 30 days of thanks posts were to have ended yesterday, but I was traveling the last several days and had such crummy wireless service that it was really easy to stay offline for the most part (though if you look at my instagram stream you will see I had to share photos!) […]

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thankful for our emergency responders

Thankful for Emergency Responders!

In October, I made a list of topics for my 30 days of thanks posts. I had emergency responders on that list — you know, the men and women who answer our calls for help when accident, fire or crime strikes. Several times I have thought I need to write the post but I thought […]

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I love bacon

Thankful for Bacon! Yes. Bacon Deserves a Place in #30DaysofThanks

Doing a series on things I am thankful for means looking at a really wide variety of things… not all are deep thoughts. But some would argue being thankful for bacon would be a deep-seated, heavily emotional topic. Last Monday, I had a heckuva day ahead of me and I decided to start it off […]

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lyrics by Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Old Friends Give me an Incredible Sense of Gratitude

So much reason for gratitude because I have so many friends I can count on. Quite a few are old friends (long-time friends, not friends who are old!) who are frequently on my mind even if they aren’t in the same room. There are lots of friends who I may not see or talk to […]

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30 days banner

Celebrating November by Giving 30 Days of Thanks

I have backlogs of stuff I want to write, posts from my summer trip to Japan and my big roadtrip to Montana. I also have lots of other things that I think would be good to share. But this summer & fall have been so hectic for me that I really want to step back […]

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