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baby cotton plants

Young Cotton Plants & 2014 Cotton Planting Progress to Date

This spring has been a bit nuts. Not only have we had weird cold snaps and some pretty significant storms, but I have been traveling a lot and all of those things come together to delay my seeing those precious cotton plants getting their start this spring. But today, as I drove back to St. […]

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cotton plants emerge

2013 Cotton Acres Early Projections & Planting Estimates

I’m overdue to write up something explaining what’s going on in the world of US 2013 cotton acres. Of course, it has been the topic of discussion for a lot of cotton meetings this winter and the spring planting season was bumpy with weather. I figured now is as good a time as any to […]

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GMO sweet corn

G is for GMOs — What are GMOs & Why Do Farmers Plant GMO Crops?

I wasn’t sure I would want to tackle GMOs with a post, but another blogger who’s doing the A to Z Challenge (Sydney Katt of authorSydneyKatt.com) said she didn’t know much about agriculture and would appreciate knowing more. The comment reads: So I’ll provide my thoughts on GMOs (and a reminder that I write content […]

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farm land with a barn

D is for Debt (Farm Debt) — an A to Z Series about Agriculture

When it comes down to the letters I’m using, I have to admit that I’m going with my gut on a day-to-day basis. The letter for today was one that I thought I had settled. I had in mind ditches. I know, it’s not a glamorous word but having lived in areas that are rain-fed […]

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Cotton acres harvested by state averaged over time

Top 10 Cotton States in Area, Production, Yield & Value in 2012

(Editor’s note:  For the most recent year’s production numbers, please see this post Which states produce the most cotton? Acres, Pounds & More that will be updated mid January annually.) My friend David Hayden asked me today whether I had a top 10 list of cotton states. He tweeted: @JPlovesCOTTON do you have a blog post with […]

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six lock boll

How is the US Cotton Crop Faring in the Drought?

Each Monday, I get the USDA-NASS Crop Progress and Condition Report. And I frequently think I should share it with others — at least the cotton parts. 🙂 But today, I am going to do it instead of just thinking about it! The report shows data for the stages of the crop we are in each […]

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