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tour of Honouliuli internment camp

A New Image to go with the History of Japanese Internment

Those of you who know me well or who have read my blog a long time, may remember my family is closely connected to Japan. You may not know I also have had a real interest in the Japanese internment camps in the U.S. for several reasons. And all of them have incredibly clear images […]

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farm ready for planting

T is for Tillage — Understanding “When tillage begins, other arts will follow.”

Tillage is something that while it may not be well-understood by everyone, it has a romantic quality. We’ve seen some of the earliest photos taken in the United States were of people behind a mule and plow, parting the ground, turning it over in an effort to make the ground conducive to growing plants. That image […]

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northeastern Kansas prairie

P is for Prairie & Growing Pinto Beans on the North Dakota Prairie

Since I was traveling again this week, I got behind again…. so I am going to catch up somewhat quickly. P is for prairie today, because I was traveling through a bit of prairie over the last few days. A lot of us have heard of prairies and may even get a photo in mind. We […]

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flood irrigation

I is for Irrigation — Water Use & Conservation on the Farm

Irrigation is one of those crop practices that was really near and dear to people’s hearts last year since so much of the U.S. had a drought last year. I know here in St. Louis we all longed for rain and in the meantime, I was glad I had a timer on my soaker hose […]

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Bethany Hills Camp, Kingston Springs, TN

Bethany Hills Camp — One of My Happy Places

Last week’s 365 project post included a photo that drew a decent amount of attention. I thought because I had edited the photo a good amount, it may be good for me to share the original and the edited version as my mostly wordless Wednesday Here’s the view I saw. It was close to noon. […]

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Main Street Historic Jacksonville

Historic Main Street in Jacksonville, Oregon

More Photos from the Day:      

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cotton gin close-up

Cotton Gin in Kansas Made Me Pump My Brakes

This fall, while in Kansas for the State of Now, I took the backroads from Hutchison toward the part of northwestern Oklahoma I called home for four years while I was in college. When I was driving through an “s” curve, I saw this sign and had to stop — yes, the cotton logo had […]

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What can be done about the obesity crisis?

This was in my Google+ stream this morning as I flipped around social media. I looked at the post, especially Mike Elgan’s question “What can be done about the obesity crisis?” and the photo and got to thinking. I have to say some of the comments…. I could see some have thought about it before […]

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