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What is the Tanabata Festival? Thoughts From a First-Time Attendee

There are things you read about in tour guides or online and feel you know all there is to know about them; that wasn’t the case when I recently attended the tanabata matsuri (tanabata festival) in Hirakatsura, Kanagawa just outside Tokyo. I have heard about various festivals in Japan and as i began planning a […]

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Farmer Style parody of Gangnam Style

Farmer Style Parody of PSY’s Gangnam Style Leaves Me Wordless VIDEO

Greg, Nathan and Kendal have done it again! The guys who brought us “I’m Farming and I Grow It” bring us a parody of Gangnam Style that covers the family farm and agriculture! The song “Farmer Style” is good fun and I can actually understand the lyrics! They are so witty with the words and […]

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closeup of wheat seedling

Video: Young Wheat Fields in South Central Kansas

Driving in south central Kansas, I saw lots of newly planted wheat fields that had emerged with the fall rains. I couldn’t help but be impressed by the bright green and seeing the little seedlings blowing in the wind. Seemed like the kind of day I needed to stop and get out of the car. […]

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Cotton is life in Texas

Cotton Is Life in Texas — Cotton Farmers Tell Their Story VIDEO

Saw this video floating around and have to admit, it left me wordless. I see a few familiar faces (after all the cotton industry is pretty small). But somehow, I didn’t know anything about this video til this week! And it was shown at a meeting SIX MONTHS AGO! Great video that shows cotton from […]

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Cotton & Corn Crop Conditions this Week – Video

This weekend I drove down to Memphis and have to admit, I really enjoyed the fact I wasn’t on a tight deadline! I did well getting on the road early and made great time, well, that is until I reached the part of Missouri that is part of the Cotton Belt. Yes, I moved a […]

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Should Kids Be Telling Their Stories Online?

We have lots of college students telling their story as they explore agriculture and all, but how many of us have little kids telling their story? Not many. And for good reason. Lots of us want to encourage kids to be kids. Spending weekend hours writing blog posts for the week just doesn’t sound like […]

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What Does Popcorn Look Like as it Pops?

In my current state of heightened popcorn awareness thanks to Ryan Weeks, when I stumbled on this video, I was amazed. So amazed that I felt I absolutely HAD TO share it! It’s a great look at how the kernels heat up in oil and explode. It’s one of the many YouTube videos from The […]

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Giving Food Thanks & Thanking Some Farmers Too!

Having lived in New York metro, this video rings so true for me. Since I’m on vacation today, seems a great way to start my morning by taking a minute to quietly thank a farmer (actually several helped produce my breakfast of a chicken biscuit — chicken, wheat, eggs, milk, tea, potatoes) and offering #foodthanks […]

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