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tulips (2)

Soaking Up the Sun and Tulips

  It has been a while since I did a mostly Wordless Wednesday but this photo I took this morning seems appropriate. Spring has really arrived and I am enjoying the sun and tulips! I really love fresh tulips…. Looking at them sort of transports me…. During my travels I have had the chance to […]

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St Louis Birthday Cake

250 Birthday Cakes Celebrating St. Louis’ 250th Birthday VIDEO

I haven’t done a Wordless Wednesday post in a while but decided this was a great opportunity… well at least an almost wordless Wednesday post. In the past 4 days, my sister & brother-in-law were in town. While they were here, we spent time seeing some of the sites locally. First place we went — […]

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Peterson Farm Bros Chore

I Wanna See You Roar? Nope! I Wanna See Farmers Chore! Music VIDEO

Thought this would make a perfect Wordless Wednesday post! Check out the Peterson Farm Bros new video…. Love their senses of humor! Hope they don’t mind me capturing a screenshot so I have a thumbnail on this when it gets shared on Facebook, etc.! And I swear when I watch this, I think to myself that […]

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Natalie Merchant Kind & Generous

Sending Up a A Song of Thanks for the Kind & Generous

I’m not sure this really counts as a post of thanks in the way some do it, but for Wordless Wednesday, I decided to share a song of thanks. That way I leave the expressing of thanks to a song I really enjoy — “Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant. I want to thank the […]

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Can someone leaving me speechless serve as #WordlessWednesday?

I love taking photos and with that comes the knowledge that some folks are going to dodge the camera. And I’ve had friends and family who just ignore me for the bulk of the time, which is fine. The person who draws the camera either tries to stay oblivious to it or enjoys hamming it […]

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trim off watermelon rind

Cutting Up a Watermelon the Easy Way

I have been trying to eat more fruit and one thing I have found I need to do, is keep it handy. Different kinds of fruit too. So, watermelon spears is one of the things I’ve been keeping ready nearby. That way I don’t have any prep every time I want a snack. It seems […]

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dinner at Canyon Cafe

Visiting With Dear Friends From Turkey Leaves Me REALLY Tired & Wordless

My friends Onur & Burcu are on their way home to Turkey after having a short visit here. The majority of our time was visiting while shopping and/or eating but it seems the photos I took almost all involve meals! Anyway, they show lots of smiles from visiting with dear friends I haven’t seen since […]

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the entrances to the pub & humor

A Fantastic Traditional English Pub Near Reading

I had one heckuva flight over to England for my vacation in December. We had lots of problems, delays for mechanical and then they thought they had it fixed. We took off and an hour or so out, we turned back for Atlanta due to mechanical issues. We were met by ambulances, fire trucks and […]

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