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Blog Review

Year-End Review for & Celebrating 5 Years of janiceperson.com

This year marked five years of my blogging. The blogiversary (as we blog nerds call it) was September 14 and I although I thought about writing something about it, I was kind of in turbo and slowing down enough to really reflect… well that seemed out of the realm of possibility. So now I will review 2014 […]

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blog overhaul

How Do You Make Your Blog Better? Time, Effort & Shared Expertise

For the last several weeks, I have been doing small things to tweak my blog. I doubt anyone even noticed it, but it took quite a few hours. My efforts were coordinated with a very small group of farm bloggers put together by Judi Graff aka the FARMnWIFE. At first I thought I could let […]

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November blogging adventure

Inspired to Write a Blog Post a Day this Month — 30 Days of jp? (Day 1)

I have been distracted from blogging recently and need something to get my but into gear. That’s what I was thinking this week when I saw Holly Spangler set a stake in the ground to write a blog post everyday for the month of November. As I was thinking it through, I was nudged as Katie […]

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Small Town Conference 2011

Two Major Social Media Events You Need To Attend #SMBSTL & #SmallTown2012

In the next few weeks there are a few things going on that you really need to know about and act on now so you can get as much awesomeness as I expect to! So going chronologically you need to know about Show Me the Blog St. Louis #SMBSTL and Smalltown 140. Let me tell […]

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crowd at small town

Looking Forward to an April Trip to Iowa for #140conf!

After all my ranting and raving last fall about getting to be part of the #140conf Small Town in Hutchison, Kansas, it probably isn’t surprising to many of you that I have seized another opportunity to participate. For those of you who are wondering what is #140conf….  Here’s how I answer the “What is 140 […]

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Rethinking My Blog Hosting Strategy & Charting a New Course

When I started blogging a few years ago, I picked WordPress.com for a couple of reasons. I started the blog on something of a whim when I wanted to tell a story that went with photos I wanted to share. I had no idea how many things I’d one day want to rethink. Last year […]

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