Visiting All 50 States by the Time I am 50! DONE!

I don’t remember my parents at the age of 50 exactly, but I do remember thinking 50 sounded really old for a long time. It no longer sounds that old and that has been shifting over the years but today I am turning 50. That almost feels like someone is pranking me!

50 states by time I'm 50A milestone like the big 50 is something that you both want to keep under the radar and celebrate publicly. I decided to do a bit of both…. I’ve been talking about it with folks who are close to me and

Sure, a 50th birthday can cause one to pause a bit to reflect, but I have lots of awesome things to reflect upon. And my plan is to keep going! For that reason I decided to throw myself a celebration of sorts with a trip to the last of the states I hadn’t visited. The goal of visiting all 50 states didn’t come up til recently when I saw the symmetry in the idea…No worries, I will keep traveling… lots unseen in every one of these states, but check out some of the memories attached to the 50 states!

Alabama — Friends Lem & Josie in Montgomery, BB King in concert, Buttahatchie BBQ, the boll weevil monument in Enterprise, Mobile & LOTS more

Alaska — Great times when Corey worked there for a summer — Seward, Homer, Anchorage

Arizona — Lots of trips to Phoenix to see cotton farms in Eloy, Casa Grande, Maricopa & more.

Arkansas — As a young teen going to the Ozarks with church, lots of times since including multiple visits to Hot Springs & Little Rock

olives rippening on the treeCalifornia — First time was to see the Doughertys for spring break in Orange County. Lots of memories here including part of the Oregon-California Roadtrip

Colorado — My first trip to Colorado was with my college friend Sheryl who was from Colorado Springs. While I remember some of the sights & great time with her family, I most remember trying to get back to college in her Camaro in a crazy snowstorm! Roads were closing right behind us.

Connecticut — Living in White Plains, NY for years, I frequently went to Connecticut. Beautiful place. Remember seeing Giancarlo Esposito do a play in Stamford…. He’s still a favorite actor.

Delaware — Taking Amtrak from Penn Station to Wilmington was pretty routine for a while. Lots of visits to a client. Later I realized there was more to the state than business.

white house birthdayDistrict of Columbia — Folks who read the blog often know I love our nation’s capital — spent my birthday touring the White House last year and took mom up last spring for her first trek.

Florida — The big family vacation I remember was going to Florida the first time… visiting friends (& Disney) in Orlando & family in Miami. Later teenager trips to the beach became common as have work trips. Loved going to spring training too

Georgia — Atlanta seems to be ground zero for so many conferences these days but I loved being on the backroads talking to cotton and peanut farmers. And let’s not forget Savannah…. Love Savannah.

Hawaii — Several years ago, I had the chance to go to Hawaii for work — one more proof point in the #ilovemyjob mantra. A friend and I went to the Big Island for fun too!

Idaho — I will admit this was a really brief visit earlier this year but definitely memorable. Went to Coeur d’Alene for dinner at a restaurant high above the lake, incredible view. And yes, I had potatoes.

Illinois — Chicago is probably the most notable but I’ve enjoyed visits to Belleville, Metropolis and lots of Illinois farms!

Indiana — Last time I went I got to see The Farmer’s Life’s home turf and Fair Oaks Farm, but that visit when I was in grad school & went for work but found time after dinner to visit with college friends Kelly & Bruce… that was a major moment for me back in the day.

the Iowa State FairIowa — First time I drove a big piece of farm equipment was in the Amana Colonies for a farm show… that Terra-Gator was awesome. Countless farm visits since and don’t forget the Iowa State Fair.

Kansas — Guessing the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield was the first cause for me to go to Kansas though I may have passed through before that. Still remember seeing Doc Watson play there.

Kentucky — Hmmmm…. Not sure what to list here but I know I can’t fail to mention my first foray into understanding livestock at NAILE and then more recently, celebrating my dear friend Steve & Dan’s wedding.

Louisiana — Maybe my visit to Mr. Ray’s was the first time for me in Louisiana…. that was my first business trip. Of course, I have had lots of trips to other farms and New Orleans too!

Bar Harbor vacationMaine — When I lived in NY, just getting to Maine was a big goal and believe me it was memorable to get there. But I think watching sunrise at Bar Harbor with my sister surpassed the early memory.

Maryland — Hmmmm…. really not sure on early trips but I can tell you most trips have included crab cakes! I remember being surprised by the Mason-Dixon Line as I moved to NY. Great combination of farmer & blogger friends in this state.

Massachusetts — My friend Barb from grad school and I took a long fall weekend to Boston and Salem once… still remember how extravagant that felt at the time.

Michigan — I helped friends get ready to make maple syrup, saw a robotic milker at a dairy farm have visited a cherry farm there. And a couple of times I’ve been able to visit Barb in Ann Arbor!

Minnesota — Willmar, Minnesota for big farm equipment was my introduction. Lots of farms since but I also have to say I’ve enjoyed getting to know Minneapolis – St. Paul.

Mississippi — Living in the Delta a dozen years definitely led to many memorable moments!

Missouri — I keep stacking up Missouri memories since I live in the Show Me State. My favorite decadent snack — choco poppo — is made in KC. My friend Chris showed me my first pig farm here too. Check out my St. Louis A to Z series if you plan to head this way sometime.

Montana ranchMontana — This was in the last handful and got checked off with the great American roadtrip a couple of years ago. Love big sky country (as long as it isn’t winter).

Nebraska — Visiting the Hunnicutts, Johnsons and checking out the Nebraska state fair a few years ago are awesome memories.

Nevada — First trip to Nevada, I landed in Reno and headed straight to Lake Tahoe. That trip was memory filled thanks to cotton peeps.

New Hampshire — Same story as Maine with a notable exception…. we went to the New Hampshire State Fair and learned so much about maple syrup that I still haven’t looked at pancakes & waffle the same!

New Jersey — Home to incredibly dear friends — Kelly & Steve from White Dog Brewery lived in Hoboken while I lived in NY and Barb’s family calls it home. I spent lots of weekends in the state whether just hanging out, going to ball games or concerts, and of course shopping (tax-free clothes!)

New Mexico — One of my work trips was really getting close, when my host found out I hadn’t been we headed over there for lunch… yummy yummy lunch.

Kazu with the Statue of Liberty & the New York City skyine

Kazu with the Statue of Liberty & the New York City skyine

New York — Home for four years. I miss it terribly and yet I love living in a part of the country where it seems easier to relax outside.

North Carolina — My sister Cheryl moved to NC when I was a teen so I have been on the frequent traveler list a long time. I spent one summer in college there as nanny…. love my nieces!

North Dakota — When I did the map of states I had visited and hadn’t, a friend in North Dakota took it as her mission to change that. Once I headed that way, I ended up in NoDak three times in a few months time! The DakVac was filled with experiences like working cows and seeing an albino buffalo!

Ohio — Home for my brother and a bunch of friends, I first went there for work and now when work gets me there I tend to take play time too!

Oklahoma — Where I spent my college years…. a place of fries with gravy, dust storms, tornadoes, where I was introduced to Walmart and budgeting. It is dear to me because I met some of the greatest folks on Earth there.

oregon winery tourOregon — I giggled thinking about my first visit to Oregon being for an ag editors meeting and how much fun some friends and I had doing a winery tour…. may have to write that up! Have been back quite a few times since.

Pennsylvania — When I moved to NY, I drove by myself. I was driving hard to just get there but Hershey’s spoke to me. I could smell chocolate. I had to stop. I’ve been back several times too!

Rhode Island — I have to admit, I’m not too sure what I had done to check Rhode Island off the list but know I had been previously. But Cheryl and I watched the sun set at a lighthouse… whoa. Really awesome.

South Carolina — For several years I joined my sister’s family on vacation at Edisto Beach. Its just south of Charleston which is one of my favorite cities and one I always accept invites for! She crab soup…. say no more.

South Dakota — Early in my career we did some training in South Dakota but more recently I helped wean calves with the Hadricks and I soaked up a lot of the state on my Montana roadtrip…. need to write up some more of that.

the sibs & me in Memphis history (I'm the only redhead)Tennessee — Home. All kinds of home.

Texas — College trips to Texas were always fun, especially when I found a way to visit my cousins too! And my beloved uncle made sure every visit to the Abilene area was stellar. Miss him.

Vermont — Some of the most amazing fall leaves ever.

Virginia — In 6th grade we took a bus trip to Virginia Beach & Williamsburg…. makes going back to Virginia Beach really seem different. Love the state and have visited lots of farms there too including Cavin Farms.

Washington — Just wrote about the 16th birthday trip I took Georgia on. Have been to Seattle and Spokane both but would like to see more of the state.

West Virginia — The mountains of West Virginia are really beautiful. Almost heaven some would say.

Wisconsin — Lots of trips to Wisconsin over the years. Early in my tenure with G&S, a client held a meeting in Kohler. From a runaway horse to being refused lunch to swells while we fished…. I wasn’t sure I’d choose to go back there!

Wyoming — Such a ruggedly beautiful state. I really want a nice long return trip to the Grand Teton & Yellowstone.

30 days of memoriesMonth of Memories

Well, this post alone could have given me a 50 day series! And it prompted lots of ideas that I am sure will be forthcoming. Hope you are enjoying the series of memory based stories… Now maybe you also understand why the series came to mind. Reflecting on a great life at the age of 50…. Life is indeed good!

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  1. lindsaychichester November 23, 2015 at 10:35 am #

    Happy birthday!

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    Fabulous adventure! Enjoy!


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