City Girls Getting Up Close to Cotton

checking harvest progressSome of you may remember that a little while ago I wrote about taking my youngest niece on a farm field trip during harvest. That post was about us checking out some soybeans. Not sure how I failed to get back to writing about the trip since I have a whole series of posts to go! So let’s start with our entry into cotton!

We had called the farm headquarters to find out where they would be picking cotton. We drove past soybeans and fields that used to have corn or rice in them as we went down the interstate, and then a state road til we found a landmark and the turn row we hoped would get us to a cotton picker in action!

feeling the cotton module

We turned in close to the pink and yellow round modules of cotton. Was nice to see the pink modules bringing awareness to breast cancer research and monitoring!  We found the picker that had been harvesting the field but it was empty. so we had a little time to check things out on our own (while I hoped that I found the right place!)

 We took a little time to see what cotton modules are all about. Since my niece hadn’t seen modules before, she wanted to really check them out up close and personal. She was impressed that it was compacted in there so tight that it was hard to the touch!

Learning about CottonShe also found it interesting to check out some of the cotton bolls that weren’t quite ready to open.

Like most people, she hadn’t given a lot of thought to cotton bolls being green instead of white. But finding some green bolls on plants, her inquisitive nature took over and next thing I knew, as we talked, I helped her find one that was almost ready to open and we were able to squeeze it open. The wetness of the fiber was clear. The next one we opened had some damaged to the boll — I’m guessing from bugs — and it got all discolored.

We took a little more time looking around, snapping photos, etc and decided to go find some lunch knowing we could come back later. And hoping that after we had some lunch, we’d find the crew that was going to harvest the rest of the field!

looking for the cotton harvest crew (2)


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