Coconut tree climbing in The Philippines

BBoy begins his descent holding a coconut as he climbs down

Okay, I could just say everyone should watch this video!  And yes, the photo I put in here shows Bboy having cut a coconut and beginning his one-handed descent!  Unbelievable.  Really.  But for fun, you really need to watch this video if you see yourself in any of the following:

  1. You’ve ever wondered how interesting it would be to climb a coconut tree
  2. Think you’ve ever tasted fresh fruit juice or fresh coconut
  3. You’ve ever watched Gilligan’s Island
  4. You think climbing a tree is routine
  5. You wonder what it’s like to ask for a drink or food & have someone go get it from the source or have ever cracked a joke about whether someone had to leave a restaurant to go to the farm or field to get something cause they took so long!  (Note:  It is quite quick if they do that well.) 
  6. You just need to sense wonder & excitement (through the eyes & words of others if nothing else)
  7. Your mom, grandmom or great aunt buys coconut from the grocery store freezer & has it in their freezer for months before using it.
  8. The idea of going to The Philippines sounds interesting or at at all uninteresting.
  9. You wonder whether a guy can climb a 100 foot coconut tree in a minute or so & climb back down ONE-HANDED!
  10. Travel and food adventures are among your favorite things.

This was shot in Boracay, Philippines.  It’s an incredible place that most of us would prefer to have been as there were multiple major snow storms in so many areas of the U.S. while I was traveling!  If you ever start planning a vacation to that area, let me know.


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