Thinking About the Great American Roadtrip

Americans have an affinity for the roadtrip. The freedom of the road has such a mystique to it that books, movies and music have all included it as a central theme. But what makes a roadtrip better than normal travel? What takes a roadtrip from normal to the “Great American Roadtrip?” I’ve been weighing that question for a little while.

I had a discussion recently with a friend as I begin planning my great American roadtrip where I realized that different people have different ideas of what makes the perfect roadtrip. I have to admit, at different times the Great American Roadtrip is probably something different for me. But in my versions of the great American roadtrip there are also a few constants.

But rather than me simply giving my ideas on this topic, I thought I’d do a couple of things including polling the people who read the blog.

My Great American Roadtrip

Great American Roadtrip

The reason the questions have some up is I have been planning my version of a great American roadtrip which I have been on the week of Labor Day. I know. I was uncharacteristically quiet on the topic. I didn’t share photos. I didn’t do some blog posts as I went along. I seized the day and enjoyed the moment instead. And I captured the moments knowing I could share the trip upon my return.

I left St. Louis at noon on Friday, August 30th and headed west. By the time I arrived home tonight (Sunday, September 8) I had spent a good part of 10 days on the road. The destination? There were several destinations really including one of the few states I had yet to visit — Montana — and a bunch of states to visit on the way out there & home.

Over those 10 days, I drove more than 3,000 miles — with many of them with the wind rushing through my hair! I went to places I had heard of and wondered about most of my life and I stopped to soak up places I had never heard of. I had the chance to visit with a few really good friends along the way. And I had lots of time to think and to just let my mind wander as I decided which way to go that day and where I’d end up that night. 

I’ll be sharing photos, video and lots of experiences from my roadtrip 2013. I hope you stay tuned!


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