Human Hungry Hungry Hippos — My Family’s Game Night on Video

human hungry hungry hippos (2)Yes, this is another one of those posts where I show you the hilarity that my family brings when we get together. And yes, this is my extended family… mom shakes her head at her crazy kids, grandkids and the folks we have all decided to share so much of our holidays, etc. with. The last couple of big holidays we decided to bring both foosball and Hungry, Hungry Hippos to life!

I have to tell you, this is a game that you will love to be a spectator at…. the laughter is constant and contagious! Setup takes a while and each round goes pretty quickly so having a crowd works well. You can switch out who’s on the creeper and who is powering it.

As the video shows, this is pretty simple — especially if you have a mechanic in the family since you need car creepers / mechanic sleds or whatever you want to call them. And having a gym or another really big space is critical.

Anyway, without further delay… here’s the video!

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