How I Ended Up in Budapest for My Birthday (Video)

Those of you who have read the blog frequently may remember a few birthdays I have had. I try to make them truly memorable and frequently find myself embarking on an adventure of one sort or another. Last year was seeing my 50th state from a helicopter, the year before I went to the White House’s West Wing, before that I have been on my Oregon-California roadtrip, etc. going to Budapest for my birthday was a big trip but I have also celebrated in India and Italy before so it wasn’t a first being overseas.

This summer when I was running a million miles an hour, I looked up and realized I needed to schedule a lot of vacation time or I would lose it. With the crazy schedule I sometimes let myself get into, I decided to block a week and a half at Thanksgiving. I had no idea what I may end up seeing and doing.

My Birthday in BudapestThis fall, I noticed a friend who had been traveling a lot — some of you may recognize Ellen who used to have a food blog in Chicago. I wondered when I would catch up with her and she gave me two options Prague in November or England in December. While both sounded good, I had been to England in December with my sister one year and Prague had been on my wish list! So had Budapest. So I decided to go with those two.

I have to say the trip was incredible and I have a lot of blog posts coming and will use the Central Europe 2016 tag. For now, I am sharing a video of some of day’s activities. I hope it whets your appetite so you come back! And please help me write good posts by sharing your questions and thoughts!  They are appreciated as always!

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