The Perfect Travel-Sized Toiletries / Personal Items

I remember when travel seemed an absolute luxury. That seems like decades ago. And while the excitement over travel for fun still overtakes me, the routineness of some business travel can wear on a gal. Add to that the TSA rules…. and well, I am betting a lot of people know how I feel.

TSA guidelines for toiletries

I think the TSA rules around toiletries really complicate these choices for all of us who travel carry-on routinely. Some of the items I’m always trying to squeeze in a quart-sized bag include:

  • deodorant
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • body wash
  • eye drops
  • hair gel

The constant travel means either constantly buying travel-sized personal items, refilling them or relying on the ones supplied by the hotel you happen to be in. So far, I’ve found problems with all of them on my quest for the perfect travel-sized toiletries but I have learned quite a few things:

  • As much as I travel, playing hit or miss with complimentary products is risky. You can end up with something that doesn’t really suit your hair type or worse, something that irritates your skin. Besides, on long trips, having your favorites along helps you have a small connection. International trips I’ve found this especially nice. And besides, the hotel complimentary bottles have incredibly bad designs and need some engineering expertise! (I really could go on a rant about some of them!)
  • I bought some reusable bottles that I could use for my favorite shampoo, conditioner & body wash but distinguishing between products was harder than expected and the caps to those cracked.
  • I love a certain brand of shampoo & conditioner that I prefer to use at home. I found travel-sized products in it but those bottles aren’t refillable. Ugh!

I’d love to find the perfect travel-sized toiletries so I continue to look! If you’ve found something, please share!

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