Looking for Midwest adventures, got ideas or invites?

When I moved to Missouri this fall, I thought I’d get the chance to hit the roads on the weekend. See some new areas that I’ve never seen, catch up with some of my friends that live in the Midwest. Sadly, with the move, work, etc., I am well behind schedule but I hope to find time this spring and summer to get some trips in. And I’m thinking if I take time to schedule them, they have a greater likelihood of being made!

So what am I thinking?

Well, I need to get to busy figuring out where I would go and who all I can see while I’m roaming around the Midwest! I need Midwest adventures! Rather than start out by inviting myself to visit various people, I’d at least like to give some of you a chance to invite me. Maybe it would help me find volunteers if you knew what sort of travel am I thinking about.

  • Budget smart — I’ll have to budget both time a money reasonably well. That means I’ll be prioritizing visiting those friends who may have room for me (yep, that dear friend outside of KC who chases her cat from the guest room, may want to get ready for a short visit).
  • Fun catching up — Whether its friends from back in the day at Phillips University or getting to know people beyond their tweets, I have to tell you good friends come first!
  • Unique experiences & sights — Since I’ve not lived in this part of the country, my guess is unique experiences for me are probably the mundane for many of the peeps I’d like to go see. In fact, Flat Stanley had lots of fun I’ve never gotten to experience! potential weekend roadtrips
  • Short weekend drives — There are plenty of places I could drive to on a Friday evening after work or get up on Saturday to go. Based on the time I spent in the Delta, 2-3 hour drives are probably best in this category. (I think most of the area in purple is probably pretty close to the prime drive area.)
  • Non-stop flights — With the expansion of non-stop flights by Southwest, I think I could probably pull off a couple of flights as long as I’m able to plan ahead. It seems there are quite a few places I could get to quickly. Some of the places that are possible are Omaha,, NE; Minneapolis, MN; Milwaukee, WI; and Columbus, OH which may give me a couple of extended weekends where I could cruise out from that location.

I’ve already been hitting a few of my friends up for invites to their hometowns…. I guess I’ll have to see if they volunteer to host me a day or two or whether I have to hound them. LOL! Anyway, to make it easy for people to invite me (and to save my ego if nobody does) I thought a short form may help me keep this organized and then I can start figuring out a couple of trips!

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