St. Louis A to Z: The Exorcism that Became Legendary

I had no idea what I would write for E in my A to Z, but luckily my friend Danielle was willing to go through the list of my ideas early on and help fill in. E was just one of several letters I was stumped on. It shocked me to see her write in “St. Louis Exorcism” for the letter E, but I figured I should give it a look. Wow! I had no idea!

Gathering information from a number of sources on the internet — including the compilation wizard Wikipedia — I was really missing out! I had no idea that the movie & book “The Exorcist” was based on events in St. Louis but that seems the case!

Sure, St. Louis is a very Catholic town but I didn’t have any idea that back in the 1940s a guy the church named Roland Doe was possessed or assumed to be possessed due in seemingly large part to a ouija board and paranormal happenings.

I think I will leave this post that short and encourage you to use Google like I did!

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